Garnier Hair Color Example Woman with Dark Brown Hair Color Garnier Hair Color Example Woman with Dark Brown Hair Color

The golden rules of hair color

The perfect hair color can brighten up your complexion and liven up any look. When dyeing your hair, it's important to remember that color does not lift color. Previously colored hair cannot be made lighter by simply applying a lighter shade. The color used before will only muddy the color you have now. It is possible to darken hair that already has color, but if you're trying to match the color on the box, your current color will impact the outcome. If you have color-treated hair and want to move to a lighter shade, it's best to visit a professional for the proper lightening treatment. To achieve the color result intended, the following "golden rules" should be applied.

It's All About The Base

Going darker or lighter than your natural hair color offers an immediate update to your hair style. The first "Golden Rule" of color choice is to stay within two levels of your natural or base color. This applies to both lighter and darker shades. Hair color is divided into ten different levels. These levels are used to describe how dark or light your hair color is. Level 10 is lightest blond, level 9 is light blond, level 8 is medium blond, level 7 is dark blond, level 6 is light brown, level 5 is medium brown, level 4 is dark brown, level 3 is darkest brown, level 2 is black brown and level 1 is black. Identifying the level of your current hair color before you change it can help you determine what your end result will be.

Know Your Skin Tone

It might sound counterintuitive, but knowing your skin tone is the second "Golden Rule" of hair color. Your skin tone determines what colors are most flattering in clothing, jewelry and especially hair. You've probably heard people say, "I am a summer," or "I am a winter," when talking about the colors that make them feel their best. What they're really referring to is the tone of their skin. Skin tones come in two basic types: warm and cool. Ash and burgundy hair color tones are better suited for those with cool skin tones while gold, copper, mahogany and auburn hair colors compliment those with warm skin tones. To determine your skin tone, look at the skin on the inside of your wrist. Those with warm skin tones have veins with a slightly green tint. If your skin is a cool-tone your veins will be a blue-ish color. Warm-toned skin is more likely to tan, while cool-toned skin is more prone to burn. The tone of your skin can help you choose a color that gives both your hair and your skin a natural glow.

The Eyes Have It

It's been said that the eyes are the window to the soul. And when it comes to choosing the right hair color, the eyes are also the third "Golden Rule." Eye color, hair color and skin tone work together to create a look that is naturally you. Light skin with blue eyes tends to look great in hair that is blonde or lighter brown with blonde highlights. Medium skin with hazel eyes pairs well with darker blonde or copper tones. Also, medium skin with green eyes tends to look beautiful with red hair. Dark skin with brown eyes looks fabulous with deep brown or black with copper or brown highlights. Hair color that plays up your eye color creates the perfect palate for makeup, clothing and jewelry choices.

Shade Selector Quiz

Shade Selector Quiz

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