Garnier Hair Care Fructis Tips Straight Hair Garnier Hair Care Fructis Tips Straight Hair

Style and care for your great, straight hair

Straight hair is the envy of so many, but requires the proper care to be gorgeous, shiny and vibrant. However, it’s totally possible to get away with just a few minutes of care and prep.

Everyday Care

A simple routine might involve washing hair, using a gentle shampoo several times a week, applying a hydrating conditioner, and air drying or using a hair dryer and heat protectant. Gently brush out any snarls or snags, but steer clear of overzealous brushing or combing, which can cause breakage and split ends.

Blow Drying Tips

Using a blow-dryer too often -- or on too high of a setting -- can damage your hair over the long term. But when you're in a hurry, air drying isn't always an option. If you're using a blow-dryer, keep those straight locks as healthy as possible with these tips:

• Avoid blow-drying soaking wet hair. Wring out water from hair and gently pat dry with a towel before blow-drying.

• Avoid blow-drying hair without a heat protector, which helps keeps strands strong, silky and hydrated.

• Brush hair gently with a paddle brush as you dry it, which keeps straight hair sleek and makes it easier to style after drying. Keep each strand pulled taut as you direct the dryer onto it, which makes for even drying and can help prevent snags and breakage.

• If you have thick hair, divide it into sections and blow-dry one section at a time for a quicker, more even drying throughout. Flat-ironing instead for stick-straight strands? Here's what to keep in mind:

• Try using a thermal protectant before you flat-iron. Spray onto damp hair to tame frizz and protect against damage. Frucits Style Flat Iron Perfector with Argan oil helps protect from high heat

• Hotter is not necessarily better. Just because your flat iron goes up to 450 degrees doesn't mean the highest setting will give you the best results. It’s a good idea to use a setting between 300 and 350 degrees.

• Separate hair into sections and iron one at a time. Grabbing random handfuls of hair means you may end up over-ironing some sections, and you won't get consistent results throughout.

Volume and Body

Even if you appreciate your straight hair, you've probably wished for more voluminous-looking locks. It's definitely achievable -- with help from the right products. If your hair is thin, try a texturizing spray, which won't weigh it down. Obtain natural-looking, voluminous waves by leaving hair in a braid overnight and undoing it in the morning. Got thicker locks? A cut with choppy layers can help add the e look of volume, and so can regularly using a volumizing shampoo. To build on that, try applying volumizing mousse to damp hair, styling hair as you like, then spraying with a volumizing hairspray, like Garnier Fructis Volume Hairspray, to keep the hair looking voluminous all day.