How To Take Care Of Fine Hair - Garnier How To Take Care Of Fine Hair - Garnier

Exactly How to Care for Fine Hair

Fine hair can feel like a burden for those that have it, often looking Iimp and lifeless even after a good blowout. But, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can give those lifeless locks a boost. Below we’re sharing the ultimate guide for how to take care of fine hair.

What is Fine Hair & do I Have it?

Before we get into how to care for your fine hair, it’s key to define what is fine hair, and to determine if this is, in fact, your hair type. Fine hair refers to the diameter of each individual strand, not the amount of hair you have. A fine hair type can be thicker or thinner in density, but the key to helping it look its best—aka voluminous and lifted—is in caring for it the right way.

How to know if you have fine hair: With fine hair types, the hair strand is thinner than a strand of thread. Take a single hair between your fingers. Don't feel anything? Congratulations, you have fine hair!

How to Care for Fine Hair

There’s lots to love about fine hair. It feels fabulously soft and silky to the touch. And if you know how to care for fine hair, it will soon be looking fabulous too with the appearance of volume you crave. Check out these fine hair care tips from our experts.

The Best Products for Fine, Thin Hair

Styling fine hair requires specially formulated products for thin hair, since it doesn’t take much to cause your hair to fall flat. You’ll want lightweight volumizing mousses and texturizers to help to add volume and dimension. Just be sure not to over-do it. Too many styling products can cause a buildup on your strands and weigh them down: you’ll need to wash fine hair frequently to remove any product residue and accumulation of dirt and oil. Let’s walk you through your fine hair care regimen.

How to Style Fine Hair

With the right hair style thin fine hair can look full and fabulous—now that you know the best products to reach for. Here are our favorite hairstyles for fine hair and expert tips for how to style thin hair.

Deep Side Part

This is an easily achievable hairstyle for thin fine hair to give the illusion of fullness. The trick is to take your part a little lower and sweep your hair to one side. Add a little lift to the roots with mousse. Longer hair styles can take it up a notch with a glamorous side sweep, gathering the length of the hair over the shoulder and curling the ends.

Deep Side Part Hairstyle For Fine Hair - Garnier
Braided headband Hairstyle For Fine Hair - Garnier

Braided Headband

Braids and updos are often a no-go for fine hair types as they can accentuate your thinner texture. That’s why we love a braided headband to make the hair look fuller. Simply braid the ends, wrap around your head in a crown, and secure with pins for an instant boho vibe. Set with a hairspray that gives a natural hold.

Beachy Waves

This is a classic hairstyle for thin fine hair, adding a little texture with a curling wand to make fine hair look full. Before styling, make sure to use a heat protectant. Starting at the bottom, wrap 1-inch sections of your hair around the barrel of the wand alternating between wrapping toward and then away from the face. Once your hair is completely curled and cooled, run your fingers through your locks to separate the coils into voluminous waves!

Beachy Waves Hairstyle For Fine Hair - Garnier