Garnier Hair Care how to care for fine hair Garnier Hair Care how to care for fine hair

Exactly how to care for fine hair

Fine hair can feel like a burden for those that have it, often looking Iimp and lifeless even after a good blowout.. But, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can give those lifeless locks a boost. Below we’re sharing the ultimate guide to caring for fine hair.

Do I Have Fine Hair?

Before we get into how to care for your fine hair, it’s key to determine if this is, in fact, your hair type. Fine hair refers to the diameter of each individual strand, not the amount of hair you have. Fine hair can be thicker or thinner in density, but the key to helping it look its best—aka voluminous and lifted—is in caring for it the right way. Below we share must-follow tips to have gorgeous fine locks!

1. Don’t Wait Too Long to Wash

While your coarser-haired counterparts may only need to suds up once or twice a week, when you have fine hair it’s important to keep your hair clean. Because the diameter of your individual hairs is smaller, the oils secreted by your scalp quickly make their way down the strand, which can cause your hair to appear and feel greasy fast. By washing your hair every day or every other day, you help to remove any buildup of oil or product that may end up weighing your hair down. Fact is, fresh fine hair always looks best!

2. Reach for the Right Products

Speaking of suds, when you do wash make sure you’re using the right line up of products. Ultra-hydrating shampoos and conditioners are great, but when you have fine hair these formulas can weigh down your locks and cause them to look flat. Instead, look for volumizing formulas which are more lightweight and can help your hair to look lifted at the root. When you do condition your hair, avoid the roots and focus on the ends where your hair will likely feel more dry.

3. Consider a Haircut

When fine hair is grown to long lengths it can look flat and even thin. A quick way to add dimension, movement, and volume is to get a haircut. Consider a fashionable and trendy bob or lob next time you have an appointment with your hairdresser. Be sure not to get too many layers, as this can cause your ends to appear thin. Keeping your hair as close to one-length as possible helps it to look more full. What’s more, fine hair is often a bit weaker than other hair types, so regular trims are key to keep split ends away!

4. Mask Before Shampooing

Hair masks have a bad rep among those with fine hair, but these deep conditioning treatments can actually be hugely beneficial…that is, if you know the right way to use them. If you have fine hair use your hair masks before you shampoo, this allows you to get all those nourishing benefits without risking the weigh down effect.

5. Arm your Arsenal

Styling fine hair requires the right products, since it doesn’t take much to cause your hair to fall flat. You’ll want lightweight volumizing mousses, root lifting sprays or powders, and texturizers to help to add volume and dimension. Just be sure not to over-do it. Too many styling products can cause a buildup on your strands and weigh them down.

6. Dry on Low

Using your blow-dryer’s highest setting in hopes it will boost volume? You’re doing it wrong. When you do dry your hair, rough dry it on its lowest heat and power setting—point the nozzle in the direction your hair grows and using your hands to lift at the root until your hair is 80 percent dry. Then, reach for a natural-bristle round brush and finish drying until your hair is smooth. Need extra volume? Try spritzing a little dry shampoo throughout your strands—it’s not just for dirty days!

7. Add Texture

A great way to make fine hair look full is to add a little texture care of a curling wand—just make sure you use a heat protectant first! Starting at the bottom, wrap 1-inch sections of your hair around the barrel of the wand alternating between wrapping toward and then away from the face. Once your hair is completely curled and cooled, run your fingers through your locks to separate the coils into voluminous waves!