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Skin care for beginners: what you need to know

Is this you? You know you need to take care of your skin but you're not sure what skin care routine is best for you. You want your skin to look good every day but need some pointers on how to get there. The world of skin care is hard to navigate and can be quite overwhelming. Follow our easy skin care routine and we'll guide you to skin happiness!

Step #1 Determine what skin type you have

Is your skin oily and shiny particularly in the T-zone? You probably have oily skin. Is your skin flaky and feels tight to the touch? Your skin is likely dry. Do you  get blemishes and find that products irritate your skin  We bet that you have sensitive skin. And if your skin is free from the issues s listed above and without blemishes you probably have normal skin.

Step #2 Cleansing

Now that you know what type of skin you have you're ready to address its needs and find the best cleanser. For oily skin use a gentle face wash that doesn't contain alcohol, which can dry your skin and cause it to produce more oil. For dry skin try a creamy cleanser that removes dirt but does not strip the skin of its natural oil. For combination skin we recommend a face wash specially formulated for that skin type. It will hydrate the drier parts of your face but not dry your skin out. For sensitive skin a gentle cleanser with fewer ingredients and no fragrance is recommended. For normal skin try a gentle cleanser to maintain your skin's moisture and natural barrier.

Step #3 Toner

Toner can provide an extra boost of clean particularly on oily or combination skin where the T-zone tends to get a little extra shiny. Dab a little on the oiliest area to tighten pores and remove any leftover residue. Use a product that's gentle and does not contain, or contains a small amount of alcohol as it could make your oil glands produce more oil in response.

Step #4 Moisturize

No matter what your skin type you always need to moisturize. It's a crucial part of your skin looking and feeling good. For oily skin we recommend a lightweight, non-clogging, oil-free moisturizer. For dry skin try using a thicker cream. For combination skin look for a hydrating, oil-free moisturizer. For sensitive skin, a lightweight cream with less ingredients and is fragrance and alcohol-free is your best bet. Normal skin needs a gentle yet light moisturizer to maintain its natural balance.

With just four easy steps you have yourself your own easy skincare routine!