How to moisturize the skin on your chest and neck - Garnier SkinActive How to moisturize the skin on your chest and neck - Garnier SkinActive

How to moisturize the skin on your chest and neck

Skin care shouldn’t just happen on your face; you should pay attention to and moisturize more than just your complexion. Two areas that are particularly in need of attention are your neck and chest. Both body parts are susceptible to damage, dryness and friction through clothing. Your chest and neck are also susceptible to premature aging. It’s important to practice good skin care habits in this area so that your skin is protected and looks youthful longer. After all you don’t want your perfectly plump and bright face to be given away by a dull, aging neck or chest, right? Follow these moisturizing tips to hydrate and protect your skin in your neck and chest area.

1. Exfoliate Your Neck

Hold up, isn’t this article about moisturizer? Yes it is, but exfoliating is a crucial step to ensuring a youthful and healthy-looking neck and chest area. Following exfoliation your skin will better be able to receive products and it will be clear of dead skin cells that may have built up on skin’s surface. Try to exfoliate your neck at least once a week with a gentle product (avoid harsh scrubs with a grainy texture) so that you can refresh your surface cell skin layer before you apply your moisturizer.

2. Use a Refreshing Antioxidant Moisturizer

After scrubbing any dead cells and residue off your skin’s surface it’s time to moisturize. Try Garnier SkinActive’s Miracle Anti-Fatigue Wake-Up Hydra-Gel Moisturizer formulated with antioxidants wild berry and Vitamin E, hydra-glycerin and hyaluronic acid which deeply hydrate skin. It plumps fine lines for fresh, youthful-looking skin.

3. Or Use A Moisturizer That Will Help You Tighten Your Skin

Our neck and chest area can be the first parts of our body to show wrinkling or sagging skin. If you are looking to give your skin a boost by lifting its appearance, use a moisturizer that can help fight signs of aging. Garnier SkinActive’s Ultra-Lift 2-in-1 Serum + Moisturizer is a multi-tasking daily moisturizer that effectively reduces signs of fine lines and wrinkles. This fast-absorbing formula is a powerful combination of a serum and a moisturizer in one and is infused with Vitamin E, pro-retinol and rice peptides. It intensely hydrates while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and improving elasticity.

4. Moisturizer With SPF

Protect your neck and chest from sun exposure by always applying moisturizer with SPF. Garnier SkinActive’s Clearly Brighter Brightening & Smoothing Moisturizer SPF15 contains broad spectrum (UVA and UVB) protection and will help protect you from sun exposure. Additionally the formula is filled with antioxidant Vitamin C and E, pine bark essence and gently exfoliating lipo-hydroxyl acid (LHA). This brightening moisturizer goes on smoothly and protects your skin all day for brighter, smoother looking skin in just one week.