Garnier SkinActive to hydrate and protect skin from the sun Garnier SkinActive to hydrate and protect skin from the sun

Moisturizers for sun protection

Hydrate and Protect: Moisturizers with Sun Protection

Choosing the right moisturizer for your skin type means more than just finding a product that makes your skin feel soft and smooth - it means finding a product that offers protection from the sun's harmful rays, too. With the ever-increasing awareness of the damage UV rays can cause, selecting a moisturizer with built-in sun protection is important.

SPF Basics

Sunscreens are rated by their sun protection factor (SPF). A product’s SPF is determined by how long skin can be in the sun without.For example, a product with an SPF of 20 provides sun protection for 20 times longer than no sunscreen on at all. Dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher, and protects against both types of harmful rays- UVA and UVB. These types of sunscreens are labeled as "broad spectrum."

Moisturizers with broad spectrum sunscreen, offer the most comprehensive sun protection for your skin. Since UVA rays cause wrinkles and other signs of premature aging and UVB rays burn skin, broad spectrum moisturizing sunscreens serve as an important protective barrier between your skin and the sun.

Moisturizers with Sunscreen

Dermatologists recommend using a moisturizer with sunscreen daily to protect your skin and keep it soft and hydrated. With so many products available that claim some level of sun protection, choosing one with an appropriate balance of moisturizer and sunscreen can be challenging.

Depending on your skin type, there are different kinds of moisturizers that will work well for you. Those with oily skin should choose a water-based moisturizer that is oil-free. Those with dry skin should choose an oil-based moisturizer with glycol and urea to keep skin hydrated throughout the day. For those with sensitive skin, stick with a moisturizer and sunscreen combination that is suitable for sensitive skin, free of perfumes and dyes.

Use moisturizers with sunscreen on a daily basis to protect the skin from normal sun exposure. With the right moisturizer in hand, you're on your way to prolonging gorgeous skin.