Garnier Hair Care how to get thick healthy hair Garnier Hair Care how to get thick healthy hair

How to get thick, healthy looking hair

Sick of feeling like your hair is limp and lifeless? Do something about it! By following a few simple tips and tricks you can be well on your way to getting thicker, fuller, healthier-looking hair. Below we’re sharing six easy ways to pump up the volume and get healthy-looking hair.

1. Be Gentle with Wet Hair

Did you know your dreams of healthy-looking hair can be dashed as soon as you hop out of the shower? When your hair is wet it’s at its most vulnerable so it’s imperative to be as gentle with it as possible during the drying process. Vigorous rubbing and tugging can cause breakage, leading to less full, less shiny looking locks. Instead of rubbing with a traditional bath towel consider investing in a microfiber towel—you could even reach for an old, albeit clean, cotton T-shirt—and squeeze out the excess water instead of rubbing. What’s more, if you experience tangles post shower try brushing your hair prior to lathering up. Brushing through wet strands is another leading cause of breakage and another step where you’ll want to be gentle and use the right tools. If you must detangle damp strands use a wide-tooth comb or a brush designed for wet hair, start at the ends and gently work your way up.

2. Use the Right Products…The Right Way

While you’re in the shower you’ll want to make sure you’re reaching for shampoos and conditioners that will help you to get the full-looking hair you want. Look for products with volumizing on the label—since your products should always be geared toward your desired end result. When you’re ready to style, reach for a volumizing mousse, a root lifter spray, or the volumizing product of your choice—but stick to one. By layering on too many products you can inadvertently weigh down your hair and even cause buildup that will make your hair look lackluster.

3. Style on Low

Think blasting your hair with your hair-dryer’s hottest, fastest setting will get you that va-va-volume you’re after? Think again. By using your hair-dryer’s highest setting you can not only cause unnecessary stress on your strands—healthy-looking hair and high heat are not BFFs—you can also cause you hair to fall flat. Instead, blow-out your hair using your dryer’s lowest heat and speed settings, rough drying—with your fingers and not a brush—until your strands are 80 percent dry and then go in with a big, natural-bristle round brush, lifting your locks up and away at the root.

4. Pencil in Pampering

Once a week–or every two weeks depending on your hair type—pencil in a little “me-time” and reach for a deep-conditioning hair mask. Healthy-looking hair is hydrated hair and a hair mask is a great way to replenish moisture. During your regular routine use a volumizing conditioner, avoiding the roots and focusing on the mid-length and ends. This will ensure you aren’t going to run the risk of weighing down your style.

5. Don’t Rely on Dry Shampoo

While a spritz and spray of dry shampoo is heaven-sent on those in-between days when you’re pressed for time, nothing can replace the real thing. To use dry shampoo the right way, you’ll want to only use it for a quick refresh—and no more than two days in a row. Over-using dry shampoo can cause a buildup of the product on your scalp and strands causing your locks to look dull and limp. For truly full, healthy-looking hair you’ll want to make sure you’re washing and conditioning your hair regularly and not relying on a quick fix.

6. Consider a Cut

Have you been rocking the same haircut since middle school? It’s probably time for a change. Certain haircuts can help to make your hair look fuller including lobs, the-many-looks-of-bobs, and longer lengths without too many layers. Also, remember to get regular trims, since split ends can travel up your hair and cause breakage and thinner-looking hair.