Garnier Hair Care  for your color treated hair to keep hair dye from fading Garnier Hair Care  for your color treated hair to keep hair dye from fading

How to care for your color treated hair

If you recently colored you’re probably wondering how you should best take care of it to maintain the color, which fades over time. There are certain steps your should take to maintain your hair’s healthy and hue. We’ve got five tips for you to help keep your colored tresses beautiful.

1. Use Color-Protecting Products

There is a myriad of products designed to protect colored hair — you should use them once you change your hair. Better yet find a product specifically for your hair color whether it’s red, blonde, brunette, black or another color.

2. Avoid the Sun

The sun can naturally dry out and fade your hair, so take cover with a hat.

3. Do a Hair Mask Once Week

Nourished and hydrated hair, helps make hair color more vibrant. Look for products with natural oils to help bring out your hair’s shine.

4. Use Leave-In Treatments

A leave-in treatment such as leave-in conditioner can make your hair look more lustrous and feel softer to the touch. Give a leave-in a try to help make your colored hair look extra shiny and healthy.

5. Wash Less Often

Water makes your hair more porous thereby allowing pigment to escape from your hair. Try to wash your hair less often. Every other day (ideally even less than that) will maintain your color for longer. Also cover or protect your hair if you go in the shower but don’t wash your hair. Use a shower cap to avoid getting your hair wet.