Pintura highlight for curly hair - Garnier Pintura highlight for curly hair - Garnier

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Are you looking to add some color to your curly locks but unsure as to how to go about it? While it is already a pretty big challenge just to maintain curly hair, let alone cut it, dying/lightening it is an entirely different story. Luckily, we’re here to introduce you to Pintura, if you haven’t already heard of this game-changing highlighting technique

What Are Pintura Highlights?

In simple terms, Pintura highlighting was designed for curly hair to allow the colorist to pick and choose what strands of the hair to highlight for optimal dimension and radiance. Pintura, which is Spanish for painting, is done 100% freehand, which makes for a completely tailored look to complement your face and hair texture.

Is Pintura the Same as Balayage?

Though the two are similar in that they do not require foils and are done free-handedly, the Pintura curly highlights technique paints each curl individually, making for a much more precise application. More precision also means more dimension, which helps in accentuating the natural movement of your curls. Balayage on the other hand, works by painting much larger sections and usually consists of darker-colored roots with lighter ends (often used to create the much-loved “ombré” look).

Benefits of pintura highlight for curly hair - Garnier

What Are the Benefits of Pintura?

Not only will you be left with a fresh new look that is tailor-made for you, but Pintura’s curly hair painting technique will also take significantly less time, as only select strands of hair are being highlighted. This also means that no unnecessary chemicals will affect the rest of the hair you will not be lightening. As curly hair is naturally dryer and harder to maintain than other hair types, preserving the overall integrity of curly hair with highlights is key.

Pintura: How to Highlight Hair at Home?

Highlights for curly hair don’t necessarily have to be done at the salon. With the right products, highlights at home are the perfect option if you’re looking to amp up your look. First, you’re going to want to start with clean hair before applying any highlighting products. 

Olia Highlights H03 For Brunettes and Olia Highlights H02 For Blondes are going to be your best friend for Pintura highlighting as they are ammonia free, powered by oil and enriched with kaolin clay for a non-drip easy hand application. To get perfect highlights in curly brown hair, you’re going to want to meticulously select strands of curls that you want to lighten to create a look that adds dimension and texture to your hair. Remember, this technique does not require foils—just paint where you see fit and let the magic happen!

Highlight curly hair at home: The pintura highlights - Garnier

What Are the Best Colors for Pintura Highlights?

So you want dark brown curly hair with caramel highlights? Pintura is here to help! Highlights in dark curly hair are easily achievable with Pintura, and it all depends on how subtle or loud you want your highlights to be. Rosy hues are perfect for a more subdued look, and blonde face-framing highlights are universally adored, while bright pops of caramel tones will really make you stand out from the crowd.

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