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A Complete Guide to Solid Shampoo Bars for Your Hair

Bar soap, long relegated to our showers and kept strictly for our bodies, has a new gig: hair. The thought feels not only foreign, but potentially off-putting, and with these feelings comes an onslaught of questions. For starters, will a solid shampoo be as effective in cleansing my hair as a liquid? Will it leave residue behind? Will it last as long as a bottle of shampoo? 

Shampoo bars and solid shampoos nourish hair in all the right ways, leaving you with healthy-looking locks that shine. Highly effective in cleansing and nourishing, Whole Blends Shampoo Bars also are fast rinsing, 94% plant based, 97% biodegradable and come with zero plastic packaging. 

Understanding the Origin of the Ingredients and Formula

As with all beauty products, there are certain things to look out for when choosing a solid shampoo. In addition to claiming zero plastic packaging, Whole Blends shampoo bars have many notable benefits. These are the things we love about our Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo Bar range:

Our solid shampoo bars have zero plastic packaging. They are packaged in a 100% recyclable Forest Stewardship Council certified carboard box

94% plant-based ingredients: The remaining 6% contribute to fragrance and a high-quality product

Each shampoo bar lasts up to 40 washes!

Eco-designed formulas which are 97% biodegradable 

Each shampoo bar formula is free of preservatives, silicones, soap and dyes


Hair looks shiny for up to 72 hours (based on a consumer test)

For straight to curly hair, our Shampoo Bars have been tested on all curl types

We have a blend for your hair type, so that you can choose the solid shampoo based on your unique hair care needs: Restoring, Hydrating, Strengthening or Softening

Fast-rinse formula to make it quick and easy to use 

Our shampoo bars are 100% vegan with no animal derived ingredients or by-products, excluding our Honey Treasures Bar which contains sustainably sourced honey and beeswax.

Do Solid Shampoo Bars Really Work?

Garnier’s scientists tested over 60 formulas to develop the perfect one, with all the lather, nourishment, and care of a liquid shampoo—just in a solid shampoo format. They lather into the perfect foam, just as effective as a liquid shampoo, and are super easy to use. 

We’ve put this newer shampoo option to the test. Click here to read our Whole Blends Honey Treasures Shampoo Bar consumer reviews on Amazon from those who have already tried the product.


The Best Shampoo Bar For Your Hair Type

Solid shampoo bars are an amazing way to help reduce plastic packaging within your beauty routine, but what impact does it have on your hair? Like liquid shampoo, there are different types of shampoo bars for hair to suit different hair types. 

What that means for you? You don’t need to sacrifice the benefits you’ve come to know and love with Garnier Whole Blends liquid shampoo. Now, with Whole Blends Shampoo Bars, you get the best of both worlds: nourishment and lather, but with zero plastic packaging.

Why try Whole Blends Solid Shampoo Bars?

If you’re looking for ways to help reduce plastic waste in your beauty routine, switching to a solid shampoo with plastic-free packaging is an amazing alternative. Plus, you get the benefit of nourished and healthy-looking hair.

By 2025, Garnier’s ambition is for all of our plastic packaging to be made of 100% recycled material as part of our Greener Beauty Initiative. And we’re already on our way there! Visit our Garnier’s Greener Beauty to find out more.

Making the switch from bottle to bar? Discover the solid shampoo range by Garnier Whole Blends now!