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Introducing Fructis Liquid Style Pomade, Cream, and Putty

Now the usual pomade, cream, and putty come in a liquid formula. Our wax-free formula glides on easy without the sticky residue. Get flexible hold with no messy application, no grease or clumps, no dosage mistakes, no build up, no residue, and no drying alcohol. Upgrade your style.

Liquid Style products comparison


Fructis Liquid Style men’s styling products provide a range of finishes and hold levels. Whether you want a matte or shine finish with low to medium hold, Fructis Liquid Style men’s styling products has a product for you.

Your Styling Toolbox

From polished to natural, Fructis Liquid Style pomade, cream and putty give you a range of hairstyles with flexible hold. Discover why you would use a pomade, cream or putty to achieve your desired look.

Why use Liquid Style Pomade?

Get that polished, clean look with moderate shine and movement. Liquid Style Pomade gently grips hair for a glossy, red carpet finish with medium hold. For best results, use on damp hair.

Why use Liquid Style Cream?

The perfectly-imperfect look doesn’t happen by accident. For a natural, effortless style you can run your fingers through, grab Liquid Style Cream.

Why use Liquid Style Putty?

Take texture to the next level with Liquid Putty – for a naturally messy look with a matte finish and flexible hold without residue.

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