Liquid Cream hairstyle for men

How to Upgrade Your Style: Groomed Look

For a natural look that won’t be mistaken for bedhead, a hair cream delivers just enough control for you to style it. Fructis Natural Look Liquid Cream offers low hold and lightweight grooming so you can have your hairstyle just the way you want it—and without stickiness or residue, so your hair still feels natural, too. Here, how to use it to get the rugged, effortless-looking style you want. For more innovative styling products for men, explore the Men’s Hairstyle Guide.


Front view of Natural Look Liquid Hair Cream for Men, No Drying Alcohol.

Natural Look Liquid Hair Cream for Men

Dispense a quarter-size amount of Fructis Natural Look Liquid Cream.

Rub it between your hands so it’s spread evenly.


Run the cream through damp or dry hair with your fingers

Rake hands through hair to ensure the liquid cream is evenly distributed.


Gently tousle your hair and twist ends for added definition.

Style as usual and twist ends for extra definition. For the most natural look, allow your hair to air dry as usual, tousling it occasionally with your fingers as it dries.