Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Argan Nut Why argan nut is the next big thing in skincare Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Argan Nut Why argan nut is the next big thing in skincare

Why argan nut is the next big thing in skin care

Chances are you’ve heard of argan oil in the context of hair — it’s considered a liquid gold that can smooth hair, tame frizz and nourish your tresses. Many people use it daily on their hair for luxurious shine and radiance. Argan oil is derived from the argan nut and there is actually more to it than just being a prized hair elixir — it’s also fantastic for your skin. Find out the different ways that argan oil can be used in skin care.

1. Moisturizes Parched Skin

Argan oil is filled with fatty acids which can help moisturize, nourish and protect parched skin. It also contains Vitamin E which is an antioxidant that can help smooth and soften the appearance of your skin. Try to apply argan oil on your skin to give it a boost of hydration. It can be applied to your face or body and will give skin a luminous glow.

2. Oil Cleansing

Oil not only replenishes skin when used in the form of face and body oils but also when used as cleanser. It can perform multiple functions — remove makeup, cleanse, and refresh skin. Argan oil makes a great facial cleanser as it has a light, non-greasy texture. Don’t worry about having an oil slick on your face after using argan oil, as your skin will dry in a matte refreshed way, feeling clean and looking radiant. Oil cleansing is a gentle way to remove impurities from your skin’s surface and is compatible with most skin types from dry to sensitive to even oily skin itself.

3. Nails

Argan oil contains nourishing Vitamin E which can help with the appearance of your nails. It can also smooth dry cuticles which can make your nails and hands look better overall.

4. Argan Nut Exfoliator

Argan isn’t only about its oil. The argan nut makes for a great scrub that is effective without damaging your skin. Using finely ground argan shell in the form of a scrub is great for gently exfoliating skin’s surface to reveal a radiant fresh layer. Your skin will feel softer and can look brighter and more uniform in appearance.

5. Dry Heels

If you are plagued by dry skin on your feet, try using argan oil to make them appear smoother and less dull. When applied to the rough areas of your heels, they will instantly feel increased softness. To moisturize, apply argan oil to your feet then cover them with sock before bedtime. The oil will condition your skin overnight as you sleep.

6. Lip Moisturizer

A little bit of argan oil goes on easily and can make parched lips feel instantly smoother. Keep this oil on stand by particularly when the temperature drops and your lips are more likely to feel rough. The antioxidant Vitamin E, which is found in argan oil can also help moisturize the skin and protect it from free radicals, such as ones from pollution.