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Glass Whaaat??? Glass Hair!

What Is Glass Hair?

So you don’t usually hear “glass” and “hair” together (I mean, we’re all trying to strengthen our locks, right? And glass is…fragile?) but in this trend, it’s all about hair that’s so glossy and reflective it could be mistaken for glass.

Glass hair is trending now, but it’s certainly not the first time straight, silky hair has been in the spotlight. There are also other names for this look: liquid hair, or simply high-shine / high-gloss hair. 
Glass Hair today is all about how hair can be a reflection of health and youthfulness. You might call it the “skinification of hair” – taking the dewy, glass-skin aesthetic that’s so popular right now, and applying the concept to hair together with products that nourish while they smooth and add shine.

Keep reading because we’re going to reveal the easiest way to get glass hair ever – without breaking the bank or taking up all your time!

How Do You Get Glass Hair?

Typically the process to get Glass Hair is very involved and can be expensive. Enter the game-changer: Fructis Sleek and Shine Glass Hair Water, a rinse-out treatment that delivers glass-like shine and 10x more smoothness instantly.

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Now go get your SLEEK on (and don’t forget to show us)!

Congratulations – you’re ready for shockingly shiny hair. Share your looks and join the glass hair movement using the hashtags #fructisglasshairwater #glasswhaaat

FAQ’s about Glass Hair

Can you do glass hair on short hair? 
Definitely! A super glossy bob or slick bowl cut can show off this trend in an unexpected way.

Can you do glass hair on curly/textured hair? 
Glass hair is easiest to achieve on relatively straight hair, but curly and lightly textured types can get that coveted smoothness, too. For additional anti-frizz benefits, try our anti-frizz serum.

How do you make glass hair last? 
With Fructis Glass Hair Water, your shiny locks will last up to 72Hours.

Do you need to use conditioner after Glass Hair Water? 
Since this is a liquid conditioner, you technically do not need to use traditional conditioner. However, if you desire an additional step of conditioning, use the leave-in Sleek & Shine Leave-In Conditioning Cream.

Can I use this on color-treated hair? 
This product is suitable for color-treated hair.

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