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The best morning skin care routine

Whether you’re an early riser or a lover of the snooze button, mornings are best suited for a skin care routine that will get you out of the door looking gorgeous. While a nighttime skin care routine can involve many steps and is usually a time to unwind and cleanse, the morning routine is supposed to get your day going and prep your skin for what’s to come. If you’re previously just woken up and put make up on top of your unprepped skin, you’re not optimizing your skin for the long day, sun rays and possible pollution ahead of it.

Step One: Hydrate with Water

Yes you may want to reach for the coffee but first drink a tall glass of water. These first sips set you up for skin success! Hydrating is an essential step to have glowing, beautiful skin that lasts. Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day too.

Step Two: Get Your Heart Rate Up

Yes, our second skin tip is actually an overall body and wellness tip not just your skin. To get the perfect skin glow we actually recommend getting physical. Hit up a high intensity interval class, go for a run, sweat it out in a yoga session or if you’re strapped for time just do some stretches at home. You will boost your circulation and it will show in your radiant complexion.

Step Three: Wash Your Face

You might be thinking, “hey I just washed my face,” but after a night’s worth of sleep there is sweat, oil and build-up on your face. Use a gentle cleanser to remove dirt and impurities. If you have dry skin use a product with ceramides or gentle moisturizer to lock in moisture and ensure that your skin doesn’t dry out. For oily skin use cleansers with glycolic or salicylic acid.

Step Four: Exfoliate

Use a gentle scrub or carefully exfoliate with a face brush to slough off dead skin cells. Make sure you don’t irritate or damage your skin during this time, this should be like a gentle morning massage.

Step Five: Tone

If you’re skin is oily overall or your T-Zone has large pores or blemishes using an alcohol-free toner will get you on the right path toward beautiful looking skin..

Step Six: Serum and Moisturizer

A serum packed with antioxidants is the perfect way to ensure that pollution and dirt particles won’t affect your skin negatively. Imagine an antioxidant serum is like a super hero skin shield against pollutants. If you have oily skin look for a serum packed with skin loving antioxidants.

For all other skin types try a hydrating moisturizer. In this step you should go easy on emollients and use something light that can absorb quickly into your skin. You can use a so-called wake-up moisturizer which will perk up your skin and give it a healthy-looking glow. If you have combination skin now is a good time to use oil-free moisturizer to make sure you won’t look shiny later in the day.

Step Seven: SPF

This is probably the most important step of the whole routine. As you probably know sun exposure can cause aging of the skin, even if it looks like a cloudy day. Apply SPF gently over your face before you apply make up for gorgeous looking skin years to come.

With these easy yet effective skin care routines you will cleanse, refresh and protect your skin for the day ahead of you. With a little practice you will have these steps down and on your way to 24-hour gorgeous.