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The best dry skin remedies

Dry skin can be flaky and feel tight, particularly in the fall and winter months. If you’re plagued by dry skin you’re probably looking for a way to make it more hydrated and supple. A variety of environmental and skin care changes can alleviate your dry skin. We’ve compiled the ways to manage by your skin type, read on to find out how you can beat dry skin before it wreaks havoc on your complexion.

Step #1 Cleanse With a Moisturizing Cleanser

If your skin is dry, it's under-producing oil and moisture so incorporating a hydrating cleanser into your skin care routine is a great solution. Harsh soaps can strip your skin of the little moisture it has, in addition to interfering with your skin's barrier causing skin to flake. Use a gentle and nourishing cleanser to dissolve impurities and make up while, restoring your skin's natural balance. While you are cleansing, make sure to use lukewarm water, as hot water can further dry out your skin. A clean washcloth is great to use as well because  it acts as a soft exfoliator for your skin, which allows your skin to absorb more hydration. Just be careful not to scrub too roughly, gently massage cleanser onto your skin for a beautiful healthy glow. 

Step #2 Exfoliate

Dry skin flakes easily and is often covered with dead skin cells. It’s important to slough off these cells at least once a week to reveal your healthiest looking  skin. Use a gentle scrub and massage it into your skin. Wash it off with lukewarm water to reveal your new skin. Make sure to moisturize this layer with either an enriching oil or an overnight mask. This will give your skin  extra moisture so you can wake up looking beautiful.

Step #3 Moisturize

Whenever you cleanse you also need to moisturize to make sure your skin adds back necessary hydration and protects the first layer of your skin which acts as a barrier to sun exposure, pollution and other environmental factors. In the morning make sure to add a lightweight yet highly moisturizing gel or cream. Garnier’s Moisture Rescue Gel Cream Dry Skin gives skin a nourishing boost of moisture but without weighing it down. At night you can apply a thicker moisturizer to replenish your skin’s moisture while you sleep. Use Garnier’s Miracle Sleeping Cream Anti-Age + Anti-Fatigue Night Cream with lavender oil which will renew, calm and soothe your skin.

External Skin Factors 

Sun Exposure

The sun can dry out and damage delicate skin. Getting sunburned with dry skin is dangerous so make sure you are protected. You should be wearing – and reapplying – at least SPF 15 if not higher. Also make sure to take care of your skin once you are no longer in the sun. After sun exposure, make sure to moisturize with a rich moisturizer containing aloe.

Heaters and Cold Air

The winter is tough on dry skin in two ways. Harsh weather can dry out skin and interfere with its natural barrier. The dry heat coming from heaters inside can further dry out the skin. Try to thoroughly moisturize your skin before stepping outside so that the weather doesn’t further dry out skin and always use a broad spectrum SPF even on a cloudy day. At home you can invest in a humidifier so that there is moisture in the air particularly, in the bone dry winter. Also layer clothing instead of turning up the heat at home, particularly when you go to sleep.


What you eat and drink can play a role in how your skin can look. Try incorporating a healthy lifestyle such as drinking water throughout the day, eating nutritious foods such as fruits, veggies, and foods rich in Omega-3 acids such as salmon, pistachios, avocados, chia seeds, walnuts, eggs and tuna. When your body is well-hydrated and well-nourished your skin can will also look radiant and youthful.