How to switch up skin care between your 20s and 30s - Garnier SkinActive How to switch up skin care between your 20s and 30s - Garnier SkinActive

How to switch up skin care between your 20s and 30s

Your 20s are an interesting time for your skin — it’s usually when your skin hits its stride. If you had crazy breakouts during your teenage years you should start to see fewer blemishes, although you still might have flare-ups during certain times of the month. If you’re nearing 30 or just recently reached that milestone, there are a few ways to update your skin care routine to suit your needs for this new decade. Here are our tips on how you can update your regimen.

Rule #1 Take Your Make Up Off — and Then Add Nutrients

You’ve established a skin care routine in which you diligently took off your make up every night — great! Keep this essential skin care habit going. Now that you’re approaching or are in your 30s, you can also add a few new elements to this basic routine. Use a cleanser formulated for your skin types (we recommend a micellar water or gentle foaming cleanser) then apply a serum once your skin is clean. An antioxidant-filed serum will help smooth and restore your skin and also help fight free radicals.

Step #2 Moisturize

Always remember to hydrate your skin after you cleanse. There are many great antioxidant-filled moisturizers out there, you don’t even need a serum unless you like that extra step. You should use a lightweight cream or gel during the day with SPF 15 or higher. At night use a moisturizer without SPF to protect your skin’s barrier and to hydrate it so that you can wake up with fresh skin. A sleeping mask has hydrating and restorative qualities and you should use one a few days a week.

Step #3 Start Taking Care of Your Eyes

The skin around the eyes is extremely thin and sun exposure can lead to wrinkles and crow’s feet. To protect this delicate area, always make sure to use SPF 15 and wear sunglasses. If you’ve had a late night and it shows underneath your eyes in the form of dark circles, invest in a quick fix like the Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller. You’ll look well-rested.

Step #4 Watch Your Diet and Don’t Smoke

You are what you eat,. Try to avoid junk food and late-night pizza and start thinking about nutrition more seriously. Stock up on fresh vegetables and fruits to ensure you’re getting enough vitamins and antioxidants. Also if you have the habit of smoking, now’s the time to ditch it. Smoking can make your skin age faster and cause premature wrinkles as well as dull skin.

Step #5 Start Using Anti-Aging Products

Start using preventative anti-aging products now when your skin is still at its peak in terms of elasticity and firmness. A retinol, glycolic, salicylic, or lactic acid can work wonders for your skin and will help prolong its youthful appearance.