How to repair your damaged skin barrier

Imagine getting soaking wet on a rainy day because your umbrella is full of holes. Now imagine that umbrella is your skin barrier, except that its job is to keep water in while protecting your epidermis’s sublayers from the elements. In this case, the nuisances are environmental invaders like pollution, bacteria and UV rays. It goes without saying you want to keep it intact and prevent a broken skin barrier!

5 symptoms of a damaged skin barrier

1 - Irritation and redness caused by harsh exfoliants and peels that can cause skin damage
2 - Dry, itchy and/or flaky skin that no moisturizer seems to heal
3 - Rashes and breakouts that appear suddenly or after using your regular face cream
4 - Burning sensation after using a beauty product
5 - Inflammation: puffiness and/or increased sensitivity

How to Repair Damaged Skin Barrier - Garnier

The best ways to repair a damaged skin barrier

Wondering how to restore the skin barrier? Add ingredients to your skincare routine that keep it rich in natural oils (lipids) – and get rid of those that strip the oils away.

The best skin care routine for repairing a damaged skin barrier

In terms of how to repair the skin barrier, the rule of thumb is to be gentle and patient. While there is definitely hope for a damaged skin barrier, there is no instant-fix skin barrier cream. Damaged skin is sensitive so it needs a little time and TLC to heal.

The best skin barrier repair products are packed with lipids, soothing cell-building ingredients and gentle antioxidants. The Garnier SkinActive line of cleansers and moisturizers is perfect for repairing a damaged skin barrier because it’s developed to drench and re-hydrate. 

Carefully remove impurities with Hyaluronic Acid + Aloe Micellar Water or a cleanser free of sulfates and soap. Then apply a lightweight yet deeply penetrating moisturizer like Moisture Bomb or Moisture Rescue. You’ll start noticing a radiant glow and healthier skin barrier in a couple weeks.

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