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How to Relieve Your Itchy Scalp

Raise your hand if you’ve got an itchy scalp! We see you, and we feel your frustration. If you’ve been desperately asking the internet, “Why is my scalp so itchy?” and “How to stop itchy scalp?” we have some answers for you.

Why Does My Scalp Itch So Badly?

In most cases, a dry itchy scalp develops over time. Causes may include product buildup, hard water deposits, your scalp’s reaction to seasonal changes, or stress/anxiety.

If it seems like itchy scalp causes are all over the place, it’s because they are. A surprising number of conditions can cause an itchy head, most of which are annoying yet benign. However, some scalp issues deserve medical attention. If you suspect you may have psoriasis or eczema, or are dealing with itchy scalp and hair loss, we recommend you to visit a dermatologist.

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How Do I Get My Scalp to Stop Itching?

The first step is to understand why it’s happening. The answers may be all over the place, with common causes such as how heavy your product use is, whether your scalp is oily or dry, and how frequently you wash your hair. Once you’ve identified what’s causing your scalp to itch, it’s time to treat your scalp accordingly.

Not sure where to start? Check out our roundup of itchy scalp remedies below – including the best shampoo for itchy scalp.

Itchy Scalp Treatment for All Scalp Types

Whether you’re dealing with excessive dryness or greasiness, get your scalp health back on track with our DIY guide to relief. First determine your hair/scalp type, then read on for your ideal itchy scalp shampoo, conditioning, and treatment regime.

How to Treat a Dry Itchy Scalp

If your hair and scalp tend to be dry, look for a shampoo for itchy scalp that will moisturize and refresh while cleansing. We’re fans of Fructis Pure Clean Hair Reset Hydrating Shampoo, which is formulated with peppermint extract and cooling scalp technology. Follow with Fructis Pure Clean Hair Reset Hydrating Conditioner for weightless hydration. In need of intensive care? Get up to 24 hours of dryness relief with Fructis Pure Clean Hair Reset Hydrating Serum.

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How to Treat a Greasy Itchy Scalp

A greasy scalp acts like a magnet for dirt and impurities, easily leading to itchiness and congestion. Hit the reset on oily buildup with Fructis Pure Clean Hair Reset Anti Residue Scrub, formulated with gentle micro-exfoliants and mint to exfoliate and deeply cleanse your scalp of residue, buildup, and impurities. Follow with a scalp detox shampoo like Fructis Pure Clean Hair Reset Rebalancing Shampoo, formulated with charcoal and micellar agents to remove up to 95% of residue and leave your scalp feeling refreshed and clean, or Fructis Pure Clean Hair Reset Clarifying Shampoo, which contains aloe vera and citric acid to gently remove up to 100% of residue and leave hair & scalp looking fresh and clean. Finish your routine with Fructis Pure Clean Hair Reset Hydrating Conditioner with aloe and vitamin E for residue-free hydration.

For more ways to keep your scalp from being a greaseball, check out these Tricks to Help You Care for Oily Hair.

How to Treat a Sensitive Itchy Scalp

To soothe a sensitive scalp, try Whole Blends Oat Delicacy Gentle Hair Care Regime, a shampoo and conditioner lineup infused with rice peptides and oat milk to help balance oil and gently draw away impurities. Don’t miss the Oat Delicacy Softening Shampoo Bar, with all the lather and gentle cleansing you love and zero plastic packaging.

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