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How to massage moisturizer into your skin

Moisturizer is key to having healthy-looking, supple skin. It hydrates and helps your skin’s moisture barrier, which can leave you with a glowing complexion. You should be applying moisturizer after cleansing twice a day. However just quickly spreading moisturizer all over your face may not be the most efficient way to apply your product. In fact, a great way to make your skin look beautiful is by massaging moisturizer into your skin. This activates your facial muscles and circulation and can help your skin look brighter and more taught. Find out how to massage your way to a more beautiful complexion.

1. Apply The Cream

In order to give your face a massage, apply slightly more of your moisturizer to your face than usual. Ideally you should place five small dollops on your face – one on your forehead, one on each cheek, one on your chin and one on your neck.

2. Massage Your Neck

Give attention to this overlooked area. This massage can help refresh your neck area and with continued massaging can help tighten the appearance of this area which is likely to lose firmness as you age. Move your hands in upwards stroke to fight against the effects of gravity.

3. Use Your Fists

Next ball your hands and use your knuckles to gently massage your skin in an upward and outward motion. Go from your chin to your cheeks in one swoop for about twenty strokes. Then repeat this motion from underneath your nose going outwards to your chin.

4. Tapotement

Finish your massage session off with quick rhythmical light taps with your fingers. This method is called awesome-skin-care-tips-from-around-the-world. Gently utilize this movement across your neck giving skin a healthy glow.