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Hair issue: shine/oiliness

While shiny, bouncy hair is beautiful, oiliness and shine associated with your scalp producing excess grease and sebum. If your hair and scalp are greasy there are certain steps to take to avoid excess oil production. Find out why your hair is oily and how you can counteract it with the right treatments and products.

Why does hair get oily?

Your pores and sebaceous glands are producing excess oil and sebum which gives it a greasy appearance. There are many causes for overproduction ranging from nutrition to stress to hormones.

How to counteract oily hair:

1. Use a Clarifying Shampoo:cut through your hair’s oil by using a clarifying shampoo daily. This will help it look less greasy.

2. Only condition your ends: if you have oily hair avoid making your hair oilier by adding conditioner to your scalp.

3. Dry Shampoo: Absorb excess oil with dry shampoo particularly on your roots. This will lift them and will make your hair appear less greasy.

4. Don’t touch your hair: Constantly touching your hair can transfer oil on your fingertips onto your hair making it appear more greasy. Avoid touching it unless you are styling it.