Halloween hair color ideas white hair style dark lips vampire look - Garnier Halloween hair color ideas white hair style dark lips vampire look - Garnier

Frightfully Fun Halloween Hair Colors!

Anything goes on Halloween! This ghoulish holiday is the perfect occasion for dressing up and flaunting your alter ago. But the truly stellar costumes are getups that go all the way to create a truly mystical mood with cool Halloween hair colors. Whether you plan to go trick-or-treating or do the Monster Mash, get into the spine-chilling spirit these wild, fun and spooky hair colors!

Fantasy Halloween Hair

Pastel fairy hair dye fantasy hair Halloween hairstyle Mischievous sprite multicolored extension - Garnier

Pastel Fairy Hair Dye

You can achieve fairy hair by attaching shimmery, multicolored tinsel extensions and/or by applying temporary pastel highlights. Whichever way you do it, the goal is create a mystical illusion of a mischievous sprite :)

Unicorn Colored Hair

Like the mythical creature it’s named after, unicorn hair is otherworldly. Go for colors that exist in nature that would not ordinarily be seen on hair, like lilac, pistachio and buttercup!

Unicorn colored hair rainbow hair Halloween hairstyle yellow green purple wavy hair color - Garnier
Mermaid hair color Halloween hairstyle ideas blue green shades hair shades test - Garnier

Mermaid Halloween Hair

Picture those lovely mermaids frolicking in the deep sea. Halloween hair dye for this costume is all about blues and greens, particularly a creative mix of these ocean-inspired shades.

And if you’re still undecided about your hair color for Halloween, go straight to our Shade Selector to find your match. Happy Halloween!

Hair Color Virtual Try-On

Trying a new hair shade has never been easier. Have fun changing your hair color with our virtual try-on tool!

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