Your sleep position could affect your anti aging efforts - Garnier SkinActive Your sleep position could affect your anti aging efforts - Garnier SkinActive

Could your sleep position be affecting your anti aging efforts?

Sleep — there are few things that are better for your body than getting a good night of shut eye. During the night your skin restores itself, rebuilds elasticity and fights off free radicals that may have accumulated on the skin surface during the day. While sleep is essential to your skin and overall health, the way you sleep can affect how fine lines and wrinkles form on your face. Below we discuss how sleep can affect your anti-aging efforts and explain how to get the best night of zzzs for your face.

Sleeping on Your Side

Sleeping on your side can be super comforting and it’s natural to turn on your side from time to time. Unfortunately, consistently pushing your face into the pillow can cause lines to form due to the pressure of the pillow on your face. Additionally, if you are sleeping on a cotton pillowcase you may be making your skin dry on that side, as cotton can draw out moisture from your skin. Try to avoid sleeping on your side but if you must, practice alternating sides. Also, purchase a silk or satin pillowcase which will draw out less moisture and provide a much more forgiving surface for the skin.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

Do you love to bury your entire head into your pillow while sleeping on your stomach? Unfortunately, this is the least beneficial way to get shuteye for your face for a variety of reasons. One is that fluid can accumulate under your eyes which can make them look puffy. Another reason is that your skin is under constant pressure from the pillow which tugs at your skin and removes moisture. Lastly, if you have oily skin, your face will transfer some of the oils to your pillow which can exacerbate clog pores and ultimately can cause blemishes. Avoid sleeping like this if you can, but if you just can’t help it, start your day with an eye treatment like Garnier Clearly Brighter Anti-Puff Eye Roller to help hide those dark circles.

Sleeping on Your Back

Sleeping on your back is the ideal sleep position — you aren’t applying pressure throughout the night which will result in fewer visible fine lines. (You’ll also keep your face from touching the pillow and wiping off all your Garnier Miracle Anti-Fatigue Sleeping Cream.) Unlike sleeping on your side or stomach, fluid won’t accumulate around your eyes. Lastly your face won’t touch the pillowcase, thus avoiding the back-and-forth exchange of oils, dirt and grime. To up the ante of this sleep power position, apply a sleeping cream or overnight mask every now and then to really wake up looking flawless. Time to rethink how you sleep in order to maintain the best skin on your face!