Garnier skincare best moisturizer for combination skin Garnier skincare best moisturizer for combination skin

Our best moisturizer for oily skin

We’ll be honest with you: Combination skin is a tricky skin type. Someone with combination skin may have flaking skin in one area of her face and a breakout in another. The variation makes combination skin types feel difficult to treat on occasion. Today, there are more and more skin care products hitting the market formulated specifically for combination skin, or gentle enough for combination skin types to use on the entire face. Combination skin is a blessing and a curse; while it requires specific facial products and care to handle, it also means you’ll learn everything there is to know about skin care ingredients, hacks, and the best skin treatment all on your journey to get glowing skin. You’ll get to try skin care products from across the spectrum to treat your specific skin concerns, and eventually combination skin types learn exactly what works for them. A customized skin care routine for your combination skin is the best recipe for healthy-looking skin. Ahead, learn how to determine if you have combination skin, discover how to take care of combination skin, and learn what the best moisturizer is for you.

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