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What your vices are doing to your skin

No matter how much time and effort you put into your skin care regimen, bad habits can derail your hard work. Vices can accelerate premature aging, increase the instance of blemishes and make your skin look dull. You might not even realize how negative some of the things you are doing are for your complexion. We’re looking at some common vices that you may have in your life, and explain how they might be negatively affecting your skin and offer advice on how to substitute or eliminate them from your life.

Vice: You Eat Too Much Sugar

As much as sweet foods like cookies, cakes and soda can delight your soul, they are not delightful to your skin. Research shows that sugar can reduce the amount of collagen your skin produces over time. If you love sugar, consider substituting pastries and sugary drinks with fruits and fresh-pressed juices. You can fix your craving for sweetness with the added benefit that the antioxidant complexes in them can help your skin appear more radiant and help fight free radicals

Vice: Too much Alcohol

It’s nice to end a busy workday with a few drinks but you have to watch out you’re not having too many each week. Alcohol can be dehydrating. Without moisture your skin can appear dull and dry.. Try to drink in moderation and if you drink try to match each alcoholic beverage with a glass of water to avoid dehydration.

Vice: You Love to Tan

The sun is what ages us the quickest so tanning excessively, particularly in tanning beds is terrible for your skin. Sun damage is permanent damage — that sunburn a few years ago can come to haunt you much later in the form of dark spots or wrinkles. If you go to tanning beds you should stop. If you go in the sun, make sure you are always wearing at least a broad-spectrum SPF 15 and cover your head with a hat and your eyes with sunglasses.

Vice: Smoking

You have no doubt heard that smoking is incredibly bad for your health and it’s also a source of skin damage. When you smoke you deprive your skin of essential nutrients, which can make it look more dull and can give you uneven skin tone over time. The only solution for this bad vice is to quit it. Smoking is incompatible with healthy-looking and radiant skin, so drop this vice pronto.

Vice: You Don’t Sleep Enough

Are you always burning the midnight oil and going to bed late then waking up early? Lack of sleep will catch up to you and it will also show up on your skin. That’s because your skin repairs itself at night when you are asleep. If you can, it’s best to get at least six hours of shut eye to help your body restore itself. Even if you think you’re being productive by avoiding sleep, consistent lack of sleep can accelerate the aging process and no one wants that.

Vice: You’re A Coach Potato

Unfortunately sitting at home having a television marathon does nothing for your skin and missing out on exercise can negatively impacts your health. Exercise helps reduce stress and the increased blood circulation you have from moving around can improve the appearance of your skin.