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The Benefits of Vitamin C for Hair and Scalp

An orange a day keeps the frizzies away (and so much more)! Everyone knows that vitamin C is a powerhouse of goodness for a healthy body, but did you also know it does wonders for our nails, skin and hair? Otherwise known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is an essential nutrient for hair and scalp to look and feel their best. Let’s learn all about this star ingredient and how to reap its many benefits.

What is Vitamin C and why do we need it?

The human body must have vitamin C (ascorbic acid or ascorbate) to survive. Not only does this water-soluble antioxidant help us absorb iron, it’s equally as vital for building the collagen protein that helps renew and repair tissue. It also neutralizes damage caused by free radicals emitted by unavoidable environmental hazards. What a superhero!

Interesting fact: Unlike most animals, humans lack the enzyme that synthesizes ascorbic acid. That’s why we need to continually renew it in our diet through foods like citrus fruits and supplements in capsule or chewable format. There are visible benefits for the skin when taken internally as well as externally in your skincare routine through products like vitamin C-enriched moisturizers. When it comes to delivering vitamin C for hair, topical applications are the best option.

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What does vitamin C do for hair?

The hair follicle and scalp naturally contain a limited supply of collagen, which is why vitamin C for hair is recommended for maintaining effective hair-strengthening levels. Other noticeable vitamin C benefits for hair include:

Is Vitamin C good for Hair?

Yes! When our hair lacks sufficient vitamin C levels, it can dry out, become weak and produce split ends. As mentioned above, hair care products that contain vitamin C are key to delivering this much-needed nutrient. Some of the most effective formulas are bonding hair fillers that deeply penetrate your strands. How can I get the benefits of vitamin C for hair?

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The ultimate treatment for any vitamin C-deprived hair and scalp is a complete system. Thin or lifeless hair greatly benefits from the intense fullness provided by the biotin + vitamin C power couple in the Fructis Grow Strong Thickening system. Damaged hair craves the moisture and bond-building potency of the four-step Garnier Hair Filler + Vitamin Cg Strength Repair system.

What types of hair can benefit from Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a nutrient that we all need, so every type of hair can enjoy its rewards. Using vitamin C for scalp health is also a safe bet across the board. The only consideration is overapplying ascorbic acid for hair that is color-treated or bleached.

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