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The one mistake you're making with your oily skin

Oily skin requires a good skin care routine so that your skin doesn’t break out or have excess shine. However it’s possible that you are being too diligent in removing oil from your skin and that may be causing your skin to produce more oil and break out more. Find out how you might be inadvertently making your complexion worse by making this one skin care mistake.

How Stripping Oil Off Your Skin Harms Oily Skin

Many people think that they have to “dry out” oily skin with products containing alcohol. Not only is that incorrect, it can actually cause oily skin to be oilier. This is because your skin is producing more oil in response to the lack of hydration.

How To Cleanse Oily Skin

1. Cleanse

Cleanse your skin twice a day if it’s oily, to help prevent blemishes and regulate shine. Use a gentle cleanser formula with salicylic or glycolic acid which can help dissolve grease. It will also clean the dirt, oil and build-up off of your skin. Charcoal cleansers are effective in regulating oily skin as they attract and remove impurities like a magnet. Avoid drying products that may strip your skin such as bar soaps. These products will dehydrate your skin causing your skin to produce more oil as a result.

2. Use An Effective Toner

Use an effective alcohol-free cleanser to balance your skin’s PH especially on your T-zone. Steer clear of using products with alcohol as these tend to dry out your skin.

3. Exfoliate

When you have oily skin exfoliating should be a priority. Not exfoliating regularly means that there is a build-up of dead cells on skin’s surface and oil can’t flow freely from your pores. This causes clogging and blackheads and even more oiliness. Use an exfoliating product formulated with salicylic acid to help remove skin cell build-up from skin’s surface and reveal clean, matte and healthy-looking skin.

4. Moisturize

No matter how oily your skin is it still needs to be moisturized. Use an oil-free moisturizer and apply it to your entire face. You can be more sparing in your T-zone and show your cheeks and upper forehead more love if they are typically drier. We recommend a mattifying product with SPF in the morning so that you can go about your day not worrying about being shiny-looking. You will also be protected from sun damage. In the evening use a moisturizing product to help your skin restore hydration levels at night.