Garnier SkinActive essential care for all skin types Garnier SkinActive essential care for all skin types

The skin care essentials

A full skincare routine can take a lot of time and money, as you carefully apply each product and buy each treatment separately. The newest beauty products are multi-taskers, making them super-efficient so that you don't waste your time performing multiple steps.

Be sure to pay attention to the ingredients in your products. Antioxidants, like Vitamin C, are great for helping to reduce signs of sun damage, like dark spots. They work even better in combination with each other, so if you're interested in fighting signs of aging, also look for ingredients like retinol, which can also be presented as retinyl palmitate and retinyl linoleate. If you have oily skin, look for products that are labeled oil-free or non-comedogenic, so that they don't clog your pores and cause a breakout.

Cleansing Water

When you don't want to take the time to rinse and dry, or you don't have access to a sink, cleansing water is a lifesaver. It removes not only dirt and oil; but also takes off your makeup in one swipe. It's gentle enough that it won't aggravate sensitive skin and strong enough to leave oily skin feeling clear.

Cleansing Oil

It may seem counterintuitive to wash your skin with oil, but cleansing oil helps to hydrate the skin as you cleanse and leaves behind no residue. Oils help to soften and replenish the skin.

Dark Spot Corrector

Correct dark spots with Vitamin C helps to gently fade the appearance of dark spots, making skin appear more even in tone and bright and refreshed.

Gel Moisturizer

Perfect in the summer when your moisturizer feels too heavy or for oily skin that may not need a heavy cream. The gel formula is lightweight but still provides the hydration your skin needs.

Roller Applications

Dark circles and fine lines not only get a blast of the product, but the roller action also stimulates helping to reduce the appearance of puffiness under the eyes. For instant results if you haven’t gotten a lot of sleep, use an eye roller with a hint of concealer to brighten your eyes.

Blur Cream

Use this if you want photoshopped looking smoother skin. It creates a reduced appearance in fine lines and pore size and an overall improvement in your skin's appearance occur instantly. Use just a dime-sized drop of blur cream smoothed all over the face.

BB Cream

This is the ultimate multi-tasker. A good BB cream provides moisture and SPF all in one package. Better yet, they are available in tinted formulations so that they provide an instant improvement in the skin's color and texture. Kind of like a tinted moisturizer, BB creams are available in various shades that blend in with your skin tone; so that they don't have to be a perfect match like a foundation. Choose a light hue if you are fair or a medium/dark shade if you have a tanned or darker complexion.

Overnight Peels

If you want the benefits of a mask, but can't seem to find one that fits in with your daily routine, look for an overnight peel. Just swipe it on at night and let the ingredients, such as exfoliating glycolic acid and dark spot correcting vitamin C, go to work. When you remove the peel in the morning, skin is smoother, and over time your spots and imperfections will become less obvious.

Finding the best beauty products can be a process of trial and error, but knowing what the newest products can do, may help things seem less intimidating.