Garnier Hair Color Woman with Long Brown Hair in Winter Garnier Hair Color Woman with Long Brown Hair in Winter

Protect your hair color in the winter with these essential tips

Are you considering going for a cooler hair color shade this winter? Nervous that a bold shade might become dull during the harsh winter months? With the right haircare products and a few seasonal hair maintenance tips, your hair will be ready for the harsh winter weather.

Blast The Cold Weather

1. Wear A Hat

A hat provides an extra layer of protection between the weather and your hair. To avoid dreaded flat hair when you’ve taken off your hat, spray a little hairspray or dry shampoo at the roots of your hair. This will give your hair the volume boost it needs to look fabulous for the rest of the day!

2. Secure Your Hair

Pin your hair with bobby pins or tie it back with elastic hair bands. This can be a quick and easy fix for days spent in cold weather. Keep some styling aids at hand – just in case!

3. Trim It Regularly

A regular trim will help eliminate split ends and give your hair a healthy and fabulous look!

4. Follow The 3-Day Washing Rule

Washing your hair on a daily basis actually does more damage than good, especially during the dry winter months. Wash it less to help retain your hair’s natural moisture and make sure your water isn’t too hot, as it can fade your hair color!