Learn how your oily skin can appear shine free in photographs - Garnier SkinActive Learn how your oily skin can appear shine free in photographs - Garnier SkinActive

Oily skin: how to appear shine free in photographs

It's happened to the best of us - you're wearing the perfect make up, the perfect outfit, and attempt to take a picture.  Upon review of the photo, you gasp with the realization that your face is so shiny, completely ruining the moment. No wants to stick out in a picture as the person with the greasy skin. If you've ever had this shining moment, we have some advice for you.

1. Cleanse Right

The key to keeping oil at bay is to start the day with the best cleanser for oily skin. Many experts recommend a product with salicylic acid as it is able to enter the pores for a thorough cleanse. Garnier SkinActive's Clean+ Shine Control Cleansing Gel contains salicylic acid as well as charcoal, which draws out impurities like a magnet. Make sure to apply with clean fingers, massage it in deeply, and thoroughly rinse off. Lightly pat your skin dry and make sure you use a new towel after two uses, since you don't want to transfer dead skin cells back onto your face.

2. Use Mattifying Products

After you're done cleansing, use a moisturizer that's also designed to regulate oil production. Alternatively you could use a mattifying primer. Whatever you do, these products are meant to reduce oil production, which means there will be less shine on your face.

3. Oil-Free Make Up

When choosing make up products make sure you use foundation, primer or powder that is meant for oily skin. These products typically have "oil-free" on the label so as to not exacerbate the oil levels produced by your skin. There are also many mineral products out there that absorb excess oil. With their help your skin will be matte and gorgeous rather than shiny.

4. Blot

Blotting papers are a lifesaver for oily skin touch ups. When you feel like your face is getting too oily, take a sheet of blotting paper and dab it across your face.  Depending on how oily your skin is, you might need more than one sheet.