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How to Keep Your Curly Hair Moisturized

Hello Curly-o! If you’re fortunate enough to boast a cascade of natural curls or dreamy waves, then you know this simple fact: the curlier they are, the more moisture they crave. Reaching the ideal dew point for curls is both an art and a science, but modern haircare engineers have made it easier and more effective than ever. Lucky again!

So, buckle up those ringlets and get in the loop: you’re about to discover the best ways to hydrate curly hair and how to keep curly hair moisturized, healthy and gorgeous. But before we begin, let’s start with a classic question.

Why Is My Curly Hair Dry?

The story of what causes dry, frizzy hair has lots of twists and turns :), but here’s the gist. In addition to having different shapes and protein makeups than straight hair, curly hair is a winding road. In other words, the scalp has to secrete more sebum to naturally travel down and moisturize longer strands. If you don’t supplement this lack of moisture with hydrating curly hair products, the result is frizzy or brittle tresses prone to breakage.

To really get your chops in moisturizing curly hair, learn pro styling tips for frizzy hair and how to control frizzy hair in the summer. Now you’re really ready to fill your locks with some of today’s best moisturizers for curly hair.

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