How to mix BB cream with your favorite products - Garnier SkinActive How to mix BB cream with your favorite products - Garnier SkinActive

How to mix bb cream with your favorite products

BB cream is great as a standalone product — with a dime-sized dollop of the cream you can camouflage blemishes, brighten the appearance of your skin, smooth your complexion, protect it from the sun and achieve an even tone. What makes BB cream even more exciting is that it works great in combination with other products. It can be mixed with other skin care products to achieve various levels of coverage or to help tone the appearance of your skin. We’re looking at four popular BB cream combinations to achieve perfect-looking skin.

1. Foundation

Foundation is suited well for times when you are looking for full coverage on your face or in colder seasons when you need a more hydrating product. In the spring or summer foundation can sometimes feel heavy particularly when the temperatures are very hot. If you want to lighten up your foundation mix it with BB cream to achieve a thinner and more breathable look. You will still get coverage but it will not look cakey. Adding BB cream to foundation can give your skin additional hydration and perfect its appearance.

2. Highlighter

Mix highlighter with BB cream to achieve a glowing yet natural nighttime look. A little extra shimmer can make your skin look more polished and can camouflage dull skin. Just add a drop of highlighter to BB cream to enhance your skin’s natural brightness.

3. Firming Moisturizer

There are many creams on the market that can wake up your skin and make it look slightly lifted. Mix one of these firming moisturizers with BB cream to get coverage, skin care benefits and the look of revitalized skin. Garnier SkinActive’s Miracle Anti-Fatigue Wake Up Hydra Gel is refreshing gel moisturizer that is easily absorbed. It is formulated with an antioxidant complex of wild berry, Vitamins C and E and helps plump the appearance of skin reducing the signs of fatigue for fresh, youthful-looking skin. Mix with BB cream to get a tight, and plumped up look.

4. Cream Blush

Cream blush can sometimes go on too thick or not blend well. Use a small amount of BB cream to thin out the product and make it more spreadable for better application.