How ice and cold water can up your skin care routine - Garnier SkinActive How ice and cold water can up your skin care routine - Garnier SkinActive

How ice and cold water can up your skin care routine

You’re probably well aware of how the cold can affect your skin negatively — it gets flaky and chaffed when exposed to brutal temperatures and dry from central heating indoors. But cold temperatures don’t always have to be negative. Sometimes the cold can be a great tool to use on your skin. Here are six tips on how to use icy goodness in your skin care routine:

1. Cold Spoon + Under Eye Dark Circles and Puffiness

Long night out? Bad night of sleep? Whatever the reason, your eyes have prominent dark circles and puffiness, and you look less than bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. An easy solve for this problem is to have a cold spoon on hand in your refrigerator. Carefully hold the underside of the spoon under your eye and within 10 minutes much of your swelling will have subsided.

2. Cold water + Dull Skin

You could say this is the world’s easiest facial — just splash cold water against your skin and you will look instantly refreshed. You can up the ante by massaging an ice cube against your face, drying your face gently and applying moisturizer. This will leave you with glowing, healthy-looking skin.

3. Hot Weather + Ice Cold Products

Applying a room temperature product in the heat of the summer isn’t particularly refreshing. The solution? Pop your products in the fridge. After waking up from a warm night, the cold temperature will feel refreshing and your complexion will look super pert. A win-win scenario.

4. Frozen Aloe Vera + Sunburns

Spent a little too much time in the sun? If you’re feeling the burn, aloe vera is an absolute godsend. And what’s even better than aloe vera? Aloe vera ice cubes naturally. Chill aloe vera in ice cube trays and use the cubes to rub on affected areas to soothe and restore.

5. Ice Cube + Pimple

An ice cube wrapped in a baggie (not directly) and placed on a zit reduces swelling. It takes about 5 minutes to cool off and reduce the appearance of  your blemish.

6. Tweezers + Ice Cubes = Pain-free tweezing

Tweezing your eyebrows can be a fairly painful process. Holding an ice cube against the area before and after will numb the area and make it more comfortable to tweeze.

See a little cold isn’t so bad — use these six tips to make subzero temperatures your new best friend.