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Does skin care have to be expensive to be effective?

In the world of skin care prices can range from affordable to exorbitant. Some luxe products retail for several hundreds — some even several thousands of dollars! They all promise futuristic technologies, rare skin-perfecting formulas and feature exclusive packaging, but do you really have to break the bank to get beautiful skin? We wanted to find out if this myth was true. Here’s what we found.

Does skin care have to cost a lot to be effective?

In short, no. A high price tag doesn’t necessarily mean that a product is effective, there are plenty of lower-priced products that are excellent for your skin. When looking for effective skin care products look out for formulas with lactic or glycolic acid, retinol or pro-retinol.. The most important thing when it comes to skin care is what’s right for you, no need to break the bank.

Why are some products so much more expensive then?

A lot of the price has to do with advertising, marketing and packaging. Also more pricey products sometimes use hard-to-find or rare ingredients which can drive up cost. However an ingredient’s rarity doesn’t determine how effective it will be on your skin. Many drugstore brands are just as effective, particularly if you practice good skin care. This trumps any pricey product particularly if you don’t use it regularly or apply it correctly.

How to practice good skin care with drugstore products

The most important thing is consistency. You should be cleansing and moisturizing twice a day every day to rid your skin of harmful free radicals, dirt, sweat and oil. Use products with formulas containing antioxidants in your skin care as they will help slow down the skin aging process. They also have the ability to brighten and smooth your skin making it look more even toned. Antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E and retinol can be effective and are frequently found in drug store products. Stock up on the right cleanser, moisturizer and antioxidant product for your skin type and you can have a solid regimen that isn’t going to break the bank.