Can BB cream solve multiple skin issues at once - Garnier SkinActive Can BB cream solve multiple skin issues at once - Garnier SkinActive

Can bb cream solve multiple skin care issues at once?

BB cream is known to be a versatile product but how versatile is it exactly? It can tackle multiple skin concerns and also seamlessly blends skin care and make up. Instead of having a myriad of products, BB cream can narrow down your skin care needs into one product. We’re looking at some common skin concerns and how BB cream can help resolve them:


If you feel like your skin isn’t looking as bright as usual, BB cream and its light-reflective formulas can help. A small amount of BB Cream can help revive dull-looking skin and make it appear glowing. Some BB creams also are formulated with Vitamin C, which is a naturally brightening antioxidant.


If your skin looks splotchy BB cream provides light coverage and help make your skin appear more uniform and polished.


If you have pimples, blackheads or whiteheads, BB cream may help them appear less noticeable. Use the cream to cover your skin and layer additional BB cream in the areas that have blemishes.


Need to protect your skin from the sun? BB cream is great in that most are formulated with SPF to help protect your skin.


If you want to mattify the appearance of your skin, or need a primer to use under another product, BB cream is the perfect solution. Use the cream on its own to refine the appearance of pores and smooth skin or use it under foundation or concealer to add additional coverage.


BB creams are formulated to be deeply hydrating and can help restore moisture onto the surface of your skin. Use it as the end of your morning skin care routine to lock in moisture for the day and benefit from its skin-perfecting qualities.