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6 bad habits that are stopping your anti aging efforts

When you look in the mirror, are you happy with what you see? Do you feel like you look exactly your age? Older? Younger? Whether you’re completely satisfied or not so into your reflection, we think we can all agree on one thing — we don’t want to look older than we are.

There may be some bad habits that are aging you prematurely. Want to tackle these bad habits and start having the best skin of your life? Follow these six steps to get on the right path toward beautiful, ageless-looking skin especially if you follow these tips on a regular basis.

1. You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Sleep plays a huge role in your appearance and overall health. Your body and your skin repair themselves at night when you are asleep. Pulling an all-nighter or telling yourself that just a few hours of sleep per night is fine is not only wrong, it impedes your skin’s ability to renew itself. Lack of sleep can accelerate the aging process. If you are consistently not getting enough shut-eye the likelihood for fine lines, unevenness, and skin sagging can increase.

2. You Don’t Use Sunscreen

You know for a fact that when you go to the beach you need to apply – and reapply – a lot of sunscreen all over your body and face. But did you know it’s absolutely crucial for you to wear sunscreen on your face, neck, and hands even when you’re in a city? Even on a cloudy winter day? That’s because your skin is constantly exposed to UV rays no matter what the weather, as soon as you step outside or stay near a window. Sun exposure can account for early signs of aging so make sure to protect your skin. It’s a good idea to use broad spectrum SPF 15 or higher.

3. You Don’t Drink Enough Water

You know you need to drink water to stay alive (duh!) but water helps play a role in your skin’s appearance. Hydrated skin is beautiful skin! Your skin struggles to look good without it. Make sure to drink lots of water throughout the day to help keep your skin hydrated.

4. You Eat Too Much Sugar

It’s hard to say no to a 3 pm cookie – we know. If you’re yearning for something sweet try reaching for some fruits instead of candy. Fruits like berries, mangoes, oranges and apples are packed with vitamins and antioxidants which can be great for your skin. After all who doesn’t love a fruit smoothie, or better yet, take the fruit and make a facial mask that’s good enough to eat!

5. You Don’t Exercise

Exercise is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise can reduce stress which can give skin a beautiful glow. Exercising also helps flushes out toxins and release endorphins, which make you happy. Just remember to cleanse your face after a sweaty workout to keep your skin looking its best. So, strap on some sneakers and hit the gym at least a few times a week to reap these skin beautifying benefits.

6. You Don’t Have The Right Skin Care Routine

We hope you know that skin care is important to maintain your skin’s youthful appearance and vitality. It’s also very important to know your skin type, which matters for your skin care routine. For oily skin, although it may not sound logical, try not to use products that can strip the oils just because your skin is considered oily. Instead, cleanse it with a face wash that is specifically formulated for your skin type then moisturize with oil-free moisturizer. For dry skin, cleanse with a mild cleanser and don’t forget to exfoliate. That way, when you apply moisturizer, it stays on your skin longer and gives it the moisture it needs. For sensitive skin find a few gentle, fragrance-free products you like then stick with them.

Kick these bad habits and your skin will look its best for a long time to come!