A global survey revealed that although 81% of people want to be more sustainable, less than 6% have taken day-to-day action to protect the planet.* These videos aim to share expert knowledge & real-world advice on key sustainability topics, related to the beauty industry.

Join us on this journey to explore subjects such as plastic & packaging, water usage & green sciences, and gather practical advice all with the aim of making sustainability accessible and empowering people to take #OneGreenStep in their day to day lives.

*Source: Garnier Sustainability Research 2021

Rethinking Our Relationship With Water - National Geographic


Today, roughly 1/3 of people do not have access to safe drinking water. Fresh water demand is growing (by 2050, it is expected to increase globally by 20% to 30%) but fresh water supplies are more at risk because of climate change, water waste and population growth. Our dependence on water is very strong so it’s key to find solutions and raise awareness on this issue. Watch the video to learn more about the importance of water conservation and for easy ideas on how to save water in your daily routine. We can all take one green step of our own to help make our world a little bit greener.


When we think about preserving our planet, our focus is usually on biodiversity: forest, oceans, animals… but what about the people that live on the planet and get their livelihoods from it? Let’s see why sourcing responsibly is also important.