Garnier Hair Care Summer tips long straight blonde hair Garnier Hair Care Summer tips long straight blonde hair

Your guide for how to get healthy hair in the summer

We all know that summer can wreak havoc on hair’s health and appearance—think faded hair color, frizzy hair, and dry, damaged hair. Yet getting healthy hair and maintaining it in the summer couldn’t be easier. Just adapt your beauty regimen for the warmer weather with these 5 easy summer hair care tips.

Summer Hair Care Tip #1: Treat yourself to a hair trim

Before heading out to the sun or beach, book yourself a basic hair trim. Your hair will look refreshed, be less prone to hair knots, and be better able to cope with the summer’s drying heat, as well as damaging chlorine or salt water. If you’re ready for a bold hairstyle, consider going short. Short-hairstyles aren’t just cool for the summer. They’re also surprisingly low-maintenance and easy to style.

Summer Hair Care Tip #2: Keep your hair color longer

Have gorgeous hair color but afraid it will fade or get brassy in the sun? Treat your hair like you do your skin: If you’re out in the sun, cover it up with a hat or scarf. Another way to help your hair color last longer in the summer is to use a Nutrisse Color Reviver 5-minute mask every two weeks. This pigmented conditioning treatment revives faded color (it comes in a wide shade range from Cool Blonde to Rich Black!) and nourishes hair with avocado oil.

Summer Hair Care Tip #3: Smooth out frizzy hair

There’s nothing worse than trying to deal with frizzy hair in the summer. For smooth hair strands, try Fructis Sleek & Shine hair care line, which is formulated with Moroccan argan oil. Get sleek hair that lasts up to 3 days, even in 97% humidity.* You can also try Whole Blends Smoothing Hair Care, blended with Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter extracts. Get frizz-free hair for up to 24 hours. Another way to prevent frizzy hair: Cut back on blow-drying and straightening your hair.

Summer Hair Care Tip #4: Incorporate healthy oils and foods

More and more people are praising the benefits of hair ingredients like coconut oil for your hair and beauty routine. Remember that what you eat has an impact, too. High-protein foods like fish, eggs, and nuts and high-oil foods like avocado are also great ways to get healthy hair.

Summer Hair Care Tip #5: Hydrate hair regularly

Dry hair takes a lot of shapes and forms—think hair frizz and dullness. By washing and conditioning your hair with a hydrating hair care formula, though, you can restore your hair’s shine and smoothness. Infused with cactus extract, Fructis Moisture Lock deeply moisturizes hair without weighing it down. Using the hair care line can actually lock in hair moisture for up to 48 hours for hair that looks healthy and stays that way.

Summer Hair Care Tip #6: Water, water everywhere

Last but definitely not least, make sure you stay hydrated! Water is vital for every aspect of beauty, and drinking a healthy amount in the summer all but guarantees good hair and skin.

*with shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment