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5 errores de cuidado capilar y peinado en verano

Así como cambias tu vestuario, tu maquillaje y tu rutina de cuidado de la piel con la llegada del calor, también deberías cambiar tu rutina de cuidado capilar y peinado. Las siguientes prácticas son errores que deberías evitar durante el verano para no dañar tu cabello.

1) Don’t leave it loose and exposed

You’re proud of your beachy, flowing locks and want to show them off? Bad idea. Just like you cover up your skin, you should protect your hair from the harsh rays of the sun with a hat or headscarf.

2) No tight hairstyles

Pulling your hair too tight can cause hair breakage, especially when strands are more fragile from the heat. Opt for breathable hairstyles only during the summer.

3) Stop over-washing hair

While it’s lovely to take a shower after a hot day at the pool or beach, one sure-fire way to damage your hair is by shampooing too often. To strengthen hair and prevent greasiness, try just rinsing it with water.

4) Put down those heat tools

OK, so this summer hair care tip is a no-brainer. In the summer, when your hair is prone to damage from the sun and high temperatures, the worst thing you can do is add to this by blow-drying or straightening. Instead, embrace your natural look by letting your hair air-dry for that effortless, beachy look. For even more texture, spritz hair with Fructis De-Constructed Beach Chic to get loose, beachy waves without a curling wand (or going to the beach).

5) Don’t take a dip with dry hair

Chlorine can damage your hair, especially when it’s dry because that’s when your strands are most absorbent. To protect your hair, give it a quick rinse before you take the plunge.