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How Hair Fillers Repair Damaged Hair

There’s been a lot of talk lately about hair fillers, and you may have realized they fall into a rather undefined category of hair care. While they can range from costly salon extensions and medical injections to quick-fix powders and sprays, hair filler treatments called “bond-builders” are the sweet spot for their effectiveness, affordability and accessibility. Plus, they are conveniently applied at home! Let’s take a look at the science behind these increasingly popular treatments for damaged hair.

What is Healthy Hair?

In order to understand what damaged hair is, it’s best to know what a healthy hair fiber looks like. Picture a group of microscopic strands inside a sheath, like tiny wires running through a tube. The inner cortex layer is packed with proteins (mainly keratin and melanin), and the overlapping scales of the outer cuticle layer act like shields that seal in those essential elements. These cuticle cells are bonded together with proteins and lipids (i.e., keratin and ceramides) that keep them aligned as a strong protective barrier.

Damaged hair repair and hair bonding - Garnier

What is Damaged Hair?

Much like a fortress, enemies first attack by breaking down the outer wall: the cuticle. If nothing is done to stop them, they eventually make their way to the inner sanctum: the cortex. At this point, the damage is complete and the “castle” begins to weaken and crumble. The only option is to rebuild your defenses from the inside and out.

Enemies of your hair can be factors like over-washing, straightening irons, UV rays, pollution and chlorine. Damaged hair also includes under-moisturized curls and bleached or color-treated hair that isn’t properly conditioned. The visible damage looks like split ends, brittle flyaways and dull lifeless locks. Time to reconnect those cuticles and replenish the cortex!

What are Garnier Hair Fillers?

To repair damaged hair inside and out, Garnier has formulated three complete hair filler treatment systems that contain targeted ingredients:

Each four-step Garnier Hair Filler System Includes:

Now that you are armed with all the info on bonding hair fillers, you can start truly repairing your damaged hair from the inside out!

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