6 ways to use gentle cleansers in your skin care routine - Garnier SkinActive 6 ways to use gentle cleansers in your skin care routine - Garnier SkinActive

6 reasons to use gentle cleansers in your skin care routine

In the quest to clean their skin many people use products that are too harsh and can strip necessary moisture from skin. This can have many negative consequences and can make your complexion look lifeless and dehydrated. Your skin can also feel tight and uncomfortable to the touch. You should be able to fully remove any makeup, dirt or sweat from your face without damaging your skin in the process. Don’t try to achieve “squeaky clean” on your skin as you might be over cleansing it which can have negative consequences. “Over cleansing can strip the top layer of skin cells and the lipids,” says board-certified dermatologist and Garnier SkinActive expert Dr. Diane Madfes. “It takes our body 8 hours to restore our levels.” Here are six reasons why you should use a gentle cleanser in your routine and how to wash your face correctly.

1. You Won't Change Your Skin's Barrier Function

Our skin’s barrier function is the skin’s protective outer layer. It helps prevent bacteria, irritants and allergens from penetrating skin. When we use cleansers that are too harsh you can impair your skin’s barrier function making it more susceptible to permeation. Your barrier function is compromised and your skin is now much more vulnerable to outside influences. Using a gentle cleanser can leave your barrier function balanced.

2. You Won't Irritate Your Skin

Harsh cleansers can cause your skin to feel uncomfortable and look irritated. It can be red, flushed or flaky. Don’t let a harsh cleanser is-your-cleanser-really-as-gentle-as-you-think. Cleansing should feel refreshing not painful.

3. You Won't Dehydrate Your Skin

Using a cleanser that is too harsh can pull moisture from your skin which can make your skin dehydrated. Avoid using a cleanser that contains alcohol, fragrance or dyes when you notice that your skin feels dehydrated. Dehydrated skin looks dull and lacks plumpness when you touch it.

4. Your Skin Can Restore Itself Properly At Night

Your skin works hard to restore itself at night and using a harsh cleanser can interfere with that process as you may be pulling too much moisture and too many natural oils off your skin. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser to remove particles from your face yet it won’t imbalance your skin.

5. Your Skin Will Feel Soft

Abrasive cleansers don’t just interfere with how your skin looks they can also interfere with how it feels. If your skin feels rough and painful after cleansing you are probably using a cleanser that is too harsh.

6. You Won’t Make Your Skin More Dull

By using a gentle cleanser, your skin will have a healthy barrier function and natural oils to protect your skin and the right levels of hydration. This will result in a complexion that is naturally radiant and balanced. Avoid harsh cleansers that can draw out your skin’s natural moisture and can make your skin look dull.