How do I know if my scrub is gentle or not - Garnier SkinActive How do I know if my scrub is gentle or not - Garnier SkinActive

How do i know if my scrub is gentle or not?

Scrubs are great for keeping skin looking beautiful but only if you find the right one for your skin type. They can lift dead skin cells from skin’s surface, smooth the appearance of skin, refresh a tired complexion and help your skin look more even. With the right exfoliating products you can also help your skin absorb products in your skin care arsenal (often dead skin cells that accumulate on skin’s surface can hinder hydrating and nourishing products from doing their job ), have makeup look better on your skin and can make fine lines look less apparent. However using a product that is too rough on your skin can leave it feeling dried out or worse, damaged. If you’re not sure how gentle or abrasive your scrub is, we’re providing you with some insights on how you can determine if the scrub you are using is right for you.

Two Ways To Know If Your Scrub Is Too Harsh

1. It Causes Dryness And Tightness

A scrub should be effective enough to lift dead skin cells off your skin’s surface, but it shouldn’t cause dryness or flakes. When you scrub you should thoroughly rinse all product off your skin and then moisturize. If you notice that your skin feels flaky and parched after exfoliating, this may be because you are using a scrub that it is not formulated with ingredients compatible with your skin type. Opt for a product that is hydrating and can restore moisture and suppleness to skin while it removes dead skin cells, dirt and oil from your skin’s surface.

2. Your Skin Looks Upset

Some scrubs and exfoliating products are formulated with granular ingredients, which can help in softening skin and lifting dead skin cells that might be causing dullness and roughness on your complexion. However you shouldn’t be sandpapering your face — many people like to apply excessive pressure on their skin while using a scrub. Be mindful of ingredients such as crystals, sand or salts, which can irritate certain skin types. When exfoliating use a product that works for your skin type and use your hands or a wash cloth applying a small amount of pressure in a circular motion. If you’re concerned that a product with hard, granular exfoliating ingredients may be too harsh, keep your eyes peeled for a product such as Garnier SkinActive Clean+ Invigorating Daily Scrub. Formulated with gentle jojoba beads and refreshing peppermint, this scrub cleanses skin without damaging or upsetting it so that you can reveal a glowing, healthy-looking complexion. It’s gentle yet effective enough to be your daily cleanser as well as light scrub.