Wand your way to tousled, messy beach waves

Want waves? No problem: These messy, voluminous beach waves look effortless because they actually are, and they work for both short hairstyles—think a short bob or lob hair—and long hairstyles. If you’re looking for even more long hairstyle ideas, check out the braided-crown-updo-tutorial which only looks complicated. For something sleek and polished, watch the how-to-do-a-low-knot-bun-hairstyle-tutorial. It’s easy enough to do in minutes. Or get even more air dry styles with this doable-hacks-air-dry-looks tutorial, which shows how to create everything from a textured lob to a messy side braid. Want to try something totally different? Explore the easy tutorials and gorgeous style inspiration in the Hair Style Hub.

Create Your Own Tousled Waves


Prep hair for styling

Apply a heat protectant like Fructis Flat Iron Perfector.


Wrap your first section of hair around barrel

Start as high or as low on your hair as you'd like. Hold it on the hair for 3-5 seconds, working from back to front, doing one half of your head at a time. For a beachier look, alternate wrapping sections towards and away from your face.


Give curls a soft shake and comb through with fingers

For some great lift at the root, use a small teasing comb which will help you target carefully.


Lock in the look

Finish with a generous spritz of Fructis Style Volume Anti-Humidity Hairspray.