Garnier Fructis - bun hairstyles for any length layered bun, half-up topknot, loose braided bun Garnier Fructis - bun hairstyles for any length layered bun, half-up topknot, loose braided bun

4 new twists on the bun

Getting bored with the same old messy bun? Or maybe you just need a quick-yet-polished look for the days you don't have time to wash your hair. No sweat: here are four easy, elegant buns for tresses of all lengths.

1. The Layered Bun

Don't settle for boring with this intricate and easy-to-achieve look. Separate your hair into three lateral sections. Leave the front sections loose and gather the section at the back of your head. Twist it into a loose, low bun. Now, take pieces from the front sections and twist them, pinning them around the bun to create a pretty, layered effect. Hair of just about any length can make this one work, as long as it's long enough to put in a bun.

2. Half-Up Topknot

Is your hair so short that you can't get it to stay all together in a ponytail or bun? This one's for you! Instead of struggling to pin everything in place, why not embrace those wayward strands? Just gather the top section of your hair – everything above your ears – and twist it into a bun, leaving the bottom section loose on your neck. This look is best left messy and casual, so don't obsess over it!

3. Loose and Low

This one is perfect for those of you with long, straight hair. The end look is a beautiful, bell-like bun that hangs to one side. This looks best neat, so brush your hair until it's nice and smooth, then secure it in a low, off-center ponytail. With your fingers, open a hole just above the elastic, and flip your hair through the opening and pull through. Do this again, being sure not to pull your hair all the way through so that a loose bun is created at the nape of your neck. Then, tuck the loose ends up into the opening and pin them out of sight. Spread the bun and loosen it to finish this elegant look.

4. Braided Bun

Create a beautiful effect with a sweeping braid that finishes in an intricate side-bun. If your hair is long enough to braid, this should work for you. Start at your right temple and French braid your hair in a diagonal line across the back of your head. Finish at the nape of your neck on the left side and finish off the braid, tying the end with an elastic. Now, roll the braid up and under itself to create a bun, which you'll pin near your ear. Keep things loose and use bobby pins to secure. This is a gorgeous look that can be worn casually or to a special event.