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Hair problem: faded hair color

So you found your perfect shade of blonde. Once you commit to a new hair color—and realize you love it—you don’t want it to fade away. But that’s inevitably what happens with hair color. Over time, the hair color fades or changes so that it doesn’t look like the hair color you’d had when you walked out of the hair salon. Find out how to help reduce hair color fading with these simple steps.

How to Help Keep Your Hair Color from Fading:

1. Use a system of color protecting haircare products for color-treated hair.

Find hair care products that are specially formulated to help reduce hair color fading and condition color-treated hair. By properly caring for color-treated hair, you can help reduce the potential for visible color fading.

2. Give it a weekly hair treatment.

Color-treated hair needs extra nourishment and hydration to help it look shiny and vibrant. To help protect both your hair and your hair color, use a hair mask for color-treated hair, like Whole Blends Color Care Hair Mask with Argan Oil & Cranberry Extracts which is infused with argan oil extracts. When used with the Whole Blends Color Care Shampoo with Argan Oil & Cranberry Extracts, this formula not only will help to enhance the vibrancy of your hair, but also will keep hair soft and moisturized.

3. Be gentle on hair.

Permanently coloring your hair is, at its core, a chemical process. So help keep your hair looking its best by giving it some extra TLC. Don’t pull it back too tightly, which could encourage hair breakage, and allow it to air dry instead of styling hair with hot tools. Work Fructis Smooth Air Dry Anti-Frizz Cream into your hair care routine to manage frizzy hair and keep your hair looking smooth and shiny.

4. Protect hair from sun.

It’s not just your skin: Damage from sunlight’s UV rays can damage your hair, too. This can result in fading hair color and weakening hair. To help manage hair damage when you’re outside, either wear a hat or seek shade whenever possible.