Up your Friday night skin ritual with these antioxidant rich skin care hacks - Garnier SkinActive Up your Friday night skin ritual with these antioxidant rich skin care hacks - Garnier SkinActive

Up your friday night skin ritual with these antioxidant skin care hacks

Friday night is the perfect night to close out the week with good skin care habits. After a long week of being busy, this is the perfect time to replenish, restore and hydrate your skin. We’re outlining a good way for you to help your skin get ready for the weekend. By following these tips you’ll be able to start the weekend and the rest of the week with glowing skin.

1. DIY Antioxidant Mask

If you’ve been neglecting your skin care during the work week, ending the week with an antioxidant-rich face mask is a great way to pamper your skin. Cleanse your skin to clean away make up, dirt and sweat it’s accumulated throughout the day and then apply a mask that suits your skin’s needs. We recommend double cleansing (our next tip) to thoroughly remove any residue from the surface of your skin. Then apply a mask to energize your skin. You can use fruits from your pantry such as, the mashed pulp of avocado, kiwi, or cucumber. Apply the fruit onto your skin and then wash off after a few minutes. Depending on your skin type your antioxidant fruit mask can hydrate, nourish and improve the appearance of your skin.

2. Double Cleansing

The foundation of good skin care is to cleanse your skin thoroughly. Clean skin allows your other skin care products such as toner or moisturizer to work. Try double cleansing to purify and prep your skin. Here’s how: First, you cleanse with an oil-based remover and then you wash your skin with a rinseable cleanser to draw out impurities that can block your pores. Micellar water is the perfect product for the first step of cleansing and is super easy to use. Simply saturate two cotton balls, gently press the cotton pads onto your skin and wipe. Micellar water lifts dirt, make up and sweat like a magnet from your skin. Follow this step up by using a foaming cleanser or cleansing milk to remove any excess residue and hydrate your skin.

3. Overnight Peel

If you have skin concerns such as dark spots or dullness, an overnight peel can help smooth and energize the appearance of your skin. Garnier SkinActive’s Clearly Brighter Overnight Leave-On Peel is a gentle yet powerful leave-on peel formulated with Glycolic Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) and a custom blend of antioxidants. With continued use your skin texture is refined and your skin’s appearance may be brighter.

4. Sleeping Cream

A sleeping cream (also known as an overnight mask) applies like a cream but feels light yet is intensely hydrating. Garnier SkinActive’s Miracle Anti-Fatigue Sleeping Cream is infused with antioxidant lavender essential oil, hyaluronic and hydroxy acids. If used as directed, it renews, firms, and even reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

5. Eye Cream

A great way to start the weekend out right is to take care of your under-eye area. Garnier’s SkinActive’s Miracle Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel-Cream is infused with essential oil, hyaluronic acid and caffeine. It helps fight signs of fatigue and reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness for a fresh, bright look.

6. Serum + Moisturize

Moisturize and hydrate your skin with a deeply nourishing moisturizer formulated with antioxidants. Garnier SkinActive’s Ultra-Lift 2-in-1 Serum + Moisturizer multi-active formulas infused with antioxidants and pro-retinol (a form of Vitamin A) intensely hydrates while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and restores skin’s elasticity. You’ll re-ignite skin’s youthful glow and be ready to start your weekend with a bright, rested complexion.