Garnier Hair Color Summer Hair Color Ideas Woman Light Brown Hair Garnier Hair Color Summer Hair Color Ideas Woman Light Brown Hair

Hair color ideas to make your summer unforgettable

Ah, summer! There's a certain magic in the warmer weather and longer days. Maybe we just never really lost that "school's out!" mentality from our younger days, but that first breath of warmer air is simply perfumed with the aroma of freedom. Summer is a time for vacations and spontaneity, which explains why so many of us choose this season to change up our look. A bold new hair color that will last longer than a few months is a great way to help hold on to that summer magic. Maybe you can't take the time off to go sailing every day, but with a fresh new hair color that reflects your inner feelings of liberation, you'll at least look like someone who would.

Summer Hair Colors

When it comes to the ideal summer hair dyes, blonde may be the first color family that comes to mind. But blonde shades aren’t the only colors that evoke the warmth and fun of summertime. Try warmer tones for a rich color that just so happens to match up with the summer sunset. When autumn hits, these colors will transition well into cooler weather. This color choice is best for people with lighter skin tones.

If you have darker hair and are looking to make a subtle transition, lighten up a little by shifting to warm caramel or golden tones. Garnier hair colorist expert Patricia Slatterly says these colors are “especially great for people with a more golden skin tone. The warm tones really draw each other out and produce a radiant summer glow.”

If you're really after that sun-kissed just-got-back-from-the-beach look, you should consider the balayage effect. This hand-painted highlighting technique will leave you with ultra-natural, multi-dimensional highlights that complement your skin tone.

Summer Hair Care

We know you're super excited about your new summer hair color, and you invested time in making it happen, so be sure to take good care of it! There are plenty of ways to make color last longer while protecting your hair from damage.

Protect your hair from exposure to UV rays and other damaging elements, such as chlorine, that can discolor your new shade and leave you with brassy highlights. It’s important to use a system of color care shampoo and conditioner to keep your color from fading too soon. Dyed hair is also susceptible to dehydration. Keep your locks hydrated by regularly applying a nourishing conditioner. It's best if you apply extra to the colored sections and leave it on for a few minutes to maximize its hydrating benefits. You can supplement this with a regular hair mask to provide additional hydration to your hair, keeping it soft, silky and above all, summery.

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