Garnier Hair Color Fruit Oils Ingredients on Table Garnier Hair Color Fruit Oils Ingredients on Table

Nourishing fruit oils

The idea of putting oil in your hair may seem strange, but your scalp actually produces natural oils that help keep your hair healthy-looking [see Source 1]. Secreted by sebaceous glands, the right amount of oil keeps your hair from becoming dry and brittle but not too greasy. Your proper hair care routine may include washing it more often if it is especially oily or washing it less often if it is dry or chemically treated. Hair care products formulated with oil can provide hydration to ensure hair looks healthy. Avocado, olive, and shea oils are commonly found in the formulas of products intended to nourish hair.

Some beauty processes for your hair are more likely to dehydrate and damage hair than others. Products formulated with nourishing fruit oils can help you moisturize your hair, leaving your hair feeling soft and silky. Products formulated with fruit oils can also help manage the feeling of dry, frizzy or brittle hair.

Avocado Oil

Avocados are a nutritional powerhouse, containing essential nutrients and healthy, unsaturated, plant-based fats [see Source 2]. Avocado oil contains healthy fatty acids. When applied topically, avocado’s antioxidant properties can help protect your hair.

Shea Oil

Shea oil comes from the African shea tree, which produces large, oil-rich nuts. Africans have been using shea oil-infused products for many years in the form of soaps and creams. A relative of the thicker and creamier shea butter, shea oil is a more labor-intensive byproduct of the shea nut that can provide moisturizing and hydrating properties.

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