How to revive tired-looking skin - Garnier SkinActive How to revive tired-looking skin - Garnier SkinActive

How to revive tired looking skin with the help of antioxidants

Antioxidants aren’t just good for protecting skin from free radicals and environmental factors; they can also beautify your skin in a multitude of ways. If your skin has been looking fatigued lately, an easy way to counteract this is by enlisting a variety of antioxidants. We’re looking at how these antioxidants can smooth, brighten, tighten and refresh your skin’s appearance. Say bye bye to dull skin with our tips below.

1. Brighten Dark Undereyes

Woke up with baggy undereyes? Vitamin C can help your skin look brighter and more energized. This antioxidant is like a pick me up on your skin, making it go from dull to dewy. The best plumping agent for your skin is a product formulated with Vitamin C to pep up your skin while protecting it. Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller can help roll away everything you did last night and leave you looking fresh-faced. Formulated with antioxidant Vitamin C and a tinted pigment, the roller will help cover up imperfections while tackling dark circles.

2. Reduce The Appearance Of Dark Spots

Dark spots play a big role in making your skin look less youthful. As we age, the frequency of dark spots increases so an easy way to make your skin look youthful again is by brightening their appearance. Use products formulated with antioxidants to help fade the appearance of dark spots over time by enlisting an overnight peel for help. Garnier SkinActive’s Clearly Brighter Overnight Leave-On Peel with Glycolic Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and infused with Vitamin C effectively evens skin tone and reduces the look of dark spots while you sleep.

3. Nourish Tired Skin

Dry and dehydrated skin = tired skin. Help restore skin’s vibrancy with a sheet mask formulated with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. In twenty minutes or less, your skin will have absorbed a high concentration of nutrients meant to moisturize and leave you glowing. Whether you need a boost after a long week or are prepping for a big night, it’s never a bad idea to have a few sheet masks on hand.

Antioxidant formulated products can help your skin go easily from drab to beautiful — make sure you always have the right products on hand to give your complexion a boost.