5 products to use if you want to avoid alcohol and fragrance in your skin care routine

Do you have sensitive skin that is easily irritated or often reddened? If skin care products often alter your complexion, you may be using products that are too harsh or contain ingredients that aren’t right for your skin type. Products that contain simple alcohols, like isopropyl or ethanol, are used in skincare to help accelerate the rate at which a product dries on your skin. Especially if your skin is sensitive, they can also weaken your skin’s moisture barrier. Sensitive skin types should also be aware of how their skin reacts to fragrance, which can cause a negative reaction in some people. If you’re unsure how your skin will react to a new product, test it on a small section of your arm and wait 24 hours before using it on your face.

If you know you want to avoid alcohol and fragrance in your skin care routine, the good news is there are plenty of products formulated without these ingredients. These products are often formulated for sensitive skin and contain gentler ingredients to avoid drying out your skin. Here are our product recommendations for a skin care regimen that’s totally alcohol and fragrance free.

5 products to use if you want to avoid alcohol and fragrance in your skin care routine

Fragrance-Free Moisturizer

Fragrance is often used in skin care to enhance or even mask a lotion’s smell. If you have a sensitivity to fragrance, look for a moisturizer developed for sensitive skin. Garnier SkinActive Moisture Rescue Actively Hydrating Daily Lotion Fragrance-Free SPF15 is non-comedogenic and formulated without fragrance, but still has the moisture-retaining glycerin and SPF powers that you need in a daily moisturizer.

Essential Oils

Just because you have sensitive skin doesn’t mean you need to avoid all sweet-smelling products entirely. Patch test a natural essential oil like lavender, peppermint or eucalyptus oil. These natural scents are gentler on skin than their artificially-derived counterparts, and will leave you smelling as though you’re wearing expensive perfume.

Micellar Water

If your skin is prone to drying out, try an alcohol-free cleanser that will protect the moisture barrier. Micellar water uses micelle technology to draw out and then wash away impurities. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water even removes makeup with no need for rinsing or harsh rubbing.

Facial Mist

Up your moisture intake during the day with a light, soothing facial mist. A soothing mist can nourish your skin and keep it from drying out, especially if you’re prone to dry or flaky skin. Just close your eyes and spritz! Beauty hack: Micellar Cleansing Water also doubles as a refreshing soothing mist. Simply pour some in your favorite spray bottle and you’re all set.


When you need to cleanse your face on the go, a towelette can remove makeup and buildup and refresh the surface of your skin. Look for an oil-free version Garnier SkinActive Soothing Makeup Removing Cleansing Towelettes which contains plant extract to calm the skin while removing makeup.

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